Government giving money to freelancers who upskill

Because lifelong learning is also for freelancers, am I right? If you are a writer like me, you probably are rejoicing after the Government announced that it will be extending help to freelancers and self-employed persons. As the workplace and Read more

Ground-up initiatives that warm our hearts

Throughout this Covid-19 episode, we have seen both positive and negative displays from Singaporeans. The negatives beg no further explanation and imbue much shame in us (or as a particular minister has said, made us feel “xiasuay”). However, I would Read more

Better wages for our cleaners and security guards

elderly cleaner

Yesterday, during the Budget debate in Parliament, Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Walter Theseira brought up the need for the Government to intervene and raise wages for workers such as cleaners and security guards. If anything, the Covid-19 outbreak has Read more