All you need to know about the Public Transport Fare Hikes from 26 Dec

public transport fare hike

If you haven’t heard, public transport fare hikes will kick in from Dec 26 due to rising energy prices. After all, with a 117% increase in energy prices, it is inevitable that parts of the hefty increase will have to be passed on to commuters. Bo bian one you know. Here are some quick FAQs […]

Why take public transport ok, but social gatherings not ok?

Ever since we started phase one, I see a lot of people asking, “Oei, why can take public transport to go to work or school but buay sai meet friends and family? KNS siah, why like that? What kind of stupid logic is that?” So early early this week, during the multi-ministry task force’s press […]

Circuit Breaker: The Struggles Of A Food Delivery Rider

Image Source: Jerry Toh via Facebook “Pls have some patience. Delivery guys are human too. They are not superman. “ The circuit breaker has unsurprisingly caused a spike in demand for food delivery services, with The Straits Times reporting a 20 to 30 per cent increase in demand. It’s no wonder that food delivery riders are […]

Top 10 Value For Money Cars In Singapore Below $20,000

Working around a budget constraint does not mean you have to give up owning a car as we bring you a list of affordable cars, under $20,000, available right in our marketplace. Let UCARS Find the right one for you! Introducing the top 10 value for money cars in Singapore under $20,000! To put things into […]

SMRT train and bus services to extend on the eve of Hari Raya


On 28 May, SMRT announced that train services and selected bus services would be extended for passengers on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa, 4 Jun. The last trains on the North-South Line and East-West line will depart City Hall station at 12.30am on 5 Jun. Train services on the Circle Line will also be […]

Prices of COE dipped as buying stalls


The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices drop across the board in the latest bidding on 23 May, with the premium for smaller cars having the sharpest decline. The premium for cars up top 1,600cc and 130 bhp ended at $27,000, down sharply from $36,704 two weeks ago. For cars above 1,600cc and 130 bhp closed […]

Travel Hack Everyone Must Know


It’s a fact that we feel the need to stay connected everywhere we go in today’s digitalized world. It will be a total nightmare if we are disconnected while travelling, even just for a bit. (Just take a look at the recent outage when Facebook, Instagram and, Whatsapp are down.) Even if you do not […]

Man jailed for scamming more than 50 people on Carousell


On 28 Mar, 31-year-old Subramaniam Perumal was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to 36 charges of cheating. More than 50 people have paid several hundred dollars as deposits to rent vehicles from a “dealer” on Carousell but they never received the vehicles. Subramaniam made off with S$8,170 through his online scams. Between […]

COE prices to rise


Starting from May 2019, the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices will increase, as the market anticipates a smaller supply of COEs in the coming three-month period. The premium for cars up to 1,600cc and 130bhp increased by 1.3% to $26,659 while the COE prices for cars above 1,600cc or 130bhp rise by 6.6% to $39,401 […]