$5 movie tickets? Baik ah!

Watching movies and K-dramas have always been part of me-time when I was a housewife. But it’s not like a rest-and- lepak, because I was still multi-tasking with my regular housework! Ever since I went back to work, obviously I no longer have the luxury of watching movies mid-day, ‘errday. Though it’s been less than […]

All you need to know about the Public Transport Fare Hikes from 26 Dec

public transport fare hike

If you haven’t heard, public transport fare hikes will kick in from Dec 26 due to rising energy prices. After all, with a 117% increase in energy prices, it is inevitable that parts of the hefty increase will have to be passed on to commuters. Bo bian one you know. Here are some quick FAQs […]

5 Things Kakak Want to Tell You about the (Upcoming) GST Hike

Hello my adik-adik and friends. Lately I feeling so stress you know? Because when I go market now, I always end up spending a lot. In the past, I can buy so many things with $50… veggies, chicken. fish and a bit of beef and mutton. Prawn, crab and sotong I do alternate weeks lah. […]

8 truths that the Squid Game has taught us

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned, please only read this article after you have finished the Squid Game. Or you can send this to your friend and annoy them for spoiling the show. ————————————————————————————————————————- #1 Adaptability is the key to survival. During the first game (Red light, green light), about half of the participants […]

“I am a young security professional and proud of it!”

If I could distill the entire conversion with Eric into one liner, the title would be it. “Hopeful, capable and forward thinking” are three words I would use to describe Eric Xie, 35. The young Security Supervisor with Formteam Consultancy shared with us that he first got into the security industry because he enjoyed the […]

A day in the life of a chiobu FoodPanda delivery rider

Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for a delivery rider? Nicole, a year 2 chiobu NTU comms student, decided to answer this question by following her mum to work for a day. “My mum used to be an airport duty manager. She oversaw operations at the various terminals and handled customer […]

Chiobu boss with a heart of gold fights to keep her staff paid

Chiobu boss

There are good bosses in life, and there are terrible bosses too. Sometimes, a good boss may fall on hard times and need a helping hand. Enter this 25-year-old chiobu boss, who used to be a baker. She took over her family’s business about four years ago and has been planning to expand the business. […]

Want Some Romance? Go For Hotel Staycations.

Dun say boh jio ah! Like the pontianak, Covid has locked the world down so long that the hotels have to start lelonging their rooms or their workers have to eat grass. Since the Singapore gahmen gives us free money to play tourists, take! Hotel staycations are the perfect goh yoh to shut our children […]

Help! I am a having a baby during Covid-19!

  Let’s face it, being a parent is a daunting and scary task for most people, not to mention if you are one of the brave ones doing it while Covid-19 is ongoing. With the uncertainties in the economy and job market now, it’s important to save as much money as possible to accommodate your […]