$5 movie tickets? Baik ah!


Watching movies and K-dramas have always been part of me-time when I was a housewife. But it’s not like a rest-and- lepak, because I was still multi-tasking with my regular housework!

Ever since I went back to work, obviously I no longer have the luxury of watching movies mid-day, ‘errday.

Though it’s been less than a year, I think I’m feeling a lot of stress. My blood pressure is through the roof, I’m falling sick more often, cannot sleep at night and when I do I dream of my excel spreadsheets and beautifying my PowerPoint decks. Serious!

I read that these were symptoms of burnout. A bit scared la so I thought I should try to find ways to de-stress. Of course, the first thing I thought of was to bring back the me-time, movie time. 2-3 hours for one day each week, to watch a movie after work. At the cinema this time because I don’t plan to fold anyone’s clothes while I’m de-stressing!

Anyway, did you know that watching movies has psychological benefits? Some studies have shown that focused watching helps to improve cognition and memory and boost moods- all of which help to improve mental health!

Now have a good promotion! All thanks to an MOU between The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), NTUC Club and mm2 Asia (mm2). Through this partnership, NTUC and mm2 plan to bring more youth-centric deals and privileges to their members!

As part of the collaboration, NTUC members can enjoy exclusive deals for movie tickets and F&B in Cathay Cineplexes cinema (terms and conditions apply).

And if you are Young NTUC (NTUC member aged 35 and under) and nEbO members just like my children, you can enjoy added perks. Apparently, movie tickets only at $5 all-time belt on Monday (terms and conditions apply). Just need to flash your NTUC card saje! Baik ah!

Here are the details (*Terms and conditions apply):

Because Kakak believe good things must share, here are the deets if you want to become NTUC member today:

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