Fewer employers are discriminating against ex-offenders and inmates, but more needs to be done

You know NTUC has been engaging different groups of workers through Every Worker Matters Conversations right? Recently they just engaged our ex-offenders and inmates with Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) and Singapore Prison Services (SPS).  The first session was held on 13 January 2023 and was attended by almost 140 participants comprising ex-offenders, employers, aftercare partners […]

Street-fighter at Bugis, 2 men battle it out 

In a video uploaded onto the Instagram page @sg.incidents, 2 men were depicted fighting each other in an alley between Tan Quee Lan and Liang Seah Street in Bugis. One of them was even barefoot.  While the two men were fighting, a woman in a white top could be seen going towards the men, in […]

5 social skills you need to master to stand out as an intern

Being an intern can be sibeh tough. Faced with the daunting pressures of trying to impress your boss and colleagues, sometimes it might make you feel a little lost. But don’t worry, Kakak got your back. Here are some tips on how to stand out as an intern if you want to increase your chances […]

NTUC LMPs understand workers’ concerns & aspirations

TL;DR: NTUC LMPs understand workers’ concerns & aspirations Y’all remember my bits and pieces about how Budget 2023 supports workers?     Today Kakak will update you about what went down during the second day of the Budget Debate (23 Feb).  NTUC Labour MPs (LMPs) spoke about training, improving retirement adequacy, unemployment support, supporting workers in lower-wage […]

Budget 2023 Support Workers!

In parliament today (14 Feb) Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced many key benefits workers could expect in Budget 2023. Kakak compiled a list for you liao. You’re welcome. Working parents For my adik-adik who are thinking of starting or expanding their family, got great news for you! Paternity leave will be doubled, from two […]

Should childcare centres saman parents for picking up their kids late?

This morning, I walked past the pantry and overheard conversations between my colleagues, Minah and Siti. Minah complained that she got saman (fined) by the childcare centre for picking up her daughter late. Siti replied with all sorts of negative things about childcare teachers because she was fined multiple times before too. She said they […]

Zng-ed tripartite guidelines for a (more) harmonious workplace

You know with our society moving to a more “woke” one, there will be a lot of people with differences working together in the workplace. Not just say race, language or religion – now sexuality la, ideology la all also must think about one leh. The Government, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and NTUC gave […]

Doing right by our airport staff and drivers working this Chinese New Year!

While you all bai nian on first day of new year, some people need work hor! Yesterday on CNY eve our Prime Minister and NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng go visit our bus captains and public transport workers. But got people more tok kong one leh. Today first day new year, still got people working […]