TikTok star kena jail two years for eating pork


In a sensational twist that’s got Kakak and friends buzzing, an Indonesian influencer named Lina Mukherjee, aged 33, has found herself in hot water after a jaw-dropping TikTok video. This social media sensation recently received a two-year prison sentence and a hefty fine due to her curious culinary adventure gone wrong.

Here’s the scoop: Lina Mukherjee, the TikTok sensation, did something outrageous. She recited a doa (prayer) which when translated means, “In the name of God,” on video and then chomped down crispy pork skin! She said she wanted to try pork just ’cause she’s kiasu and all that. Apparently, she was in Bali on holiday when she filmed the video.

Her video, which went viral like wildfire, got millions of views, but it also set the whole town talking. Everyone buey tahan and went all out condemning her actions.

Pork is considered impure and unclean under Islam, which is the dominant religion in Indonesia, and Muslims are prohibited from eating it. Mukherjee identifies herself as a Muslim and her actions were condemned by conservative groups including the country’s top Muslim clerical body, the Indonesian Ulema Council, which issued a ruling calling the video blasphemous.

Following a legal process, Lina Mukherjee was found guilty of “spreading information aimed at inciting hatred against religious individuals and specific groups.” Consequently, she received a two-year prison sentence. Additionally, she was required to pay a significant fine of 250 million rupiah (S$22,177). Failure to pay this fine would result in a three-month extension of her prison term.

In this era of influencers willing to go gila for views and fame, Lina’s story is like a warning. Curiosity can kill the cat, but it also can turn your life upside down, especially when it clashes with religious beliefs. So remember, jangan main-main (don’t play-play) with sensitive stuff, okay?

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