Why Tharman Shanmugaratnam DESERVES your vote – HUAT together in the turbulent future


Countdown TWO days to Singapore’s 9th President! Excited???! Kok Song, Tharman and Kin Lian – have you made up your mind on who your vote is going to? Don’t anyhow tikam, tikam hor. Ah Gong said before,This is not a game of cards! This is your life and mine!” I don’t want someone who will paiseh Singapore on the world stage leh. To help Singapore HUAT and unite in the days ahead, we need to:

  • VOTE for someone who can make us proud as Singaporeans
  • VOTE for someone sincere, down to earth and someone we can trust
  • VOTE for someone to unite and not divide us

It’s OBVIOUS Tharman is the best man for this job to lead Singapore into a HUAT HUAT future what! And hor, is not like he anyhowly appear in the last 9 days to campaign one hor, he has been on the ground for decades, unifying communities. #Respectforall is not just a tagline that suddenly pop out ok? See here, here and here

You, even opposition members have publicly endorsed his credentials calling him a “brilliant economic mind”! Other than those boliao trolls, it seems like not many have any bad words for this man hor… 😍😍

As the world becomes more and more LUAN (complex), Tharman is the leader Singapore needs to represent us proudly on the international stage, and foster unity within our society across every race, religious groups, diverse communities. Really, in the past 9 days, sooooo many credible leaders in various industries, different fields, and vulnerable members of the society have come out to STAMP their chop of approval on this man! Really solid! Oh ya, you got see Mark Lee’s interview with Mr Tharman? Super cute, this charming man! 

Say real, Tharman’s impressive track record domestically is really no horse run (amazing), what sets him apart is his willingness to serve, his heart for the people and his standing on the GLOBAL stage. He knows the whole system of safeguarding and using reserves inside out, no one can fool him. He’s deeply familiar not just with investment of reserves but the USE of reserves.

Who can compete ah? Some meditator that just popped out from nowhere meh??? 不可以!不要!

COUNTDOWN 2 days. Don’t anyhow tikam when you go to the polls on 1 September hor, your vote is 神圣的 (sacred), vote for someone with a serving heart, and who will help Singapore shine bright like a diamond on the world stage hor. 

1 September – Singapore’s 9th President!!! 

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