Workers Here Celebrate CNY with Migrant Workers’ Centre!

Who’s like me, already looking forward to round 2 of nonstop hotpot, ong lai tarts, bak kwa, poker and mahjong this CNY weekend? The CNY festive period is a restful and shiok one for many of us. 4 days long weekend last week leh! But then hor, not everyone is celebrating and enjoying a good […]

Migrant Workers’ Centre Brings Joy to Many Migrant Workers!

migrant workers

Just over the weekend, to celebrate International Migrants Day (IMD), the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) brought joy, laughter and many fun activities for many workers at the MWC Recreation Club (MWC RC)! In case you never follow, IMD falls on 18 December every year. For the first time since the pandemic, MWC’s IMD celebrations returned […]