48-year-old father of three, Aerman, on keeping relevant: “In IT, changes hit fast!”  


48-year-old Aerman works with SP Group on Network and OT Systems. Looking at him, you can’t tell that he’s 48 years old, and a dad to 3 children, aged 11, 18 and 20! In case you haven’t heard, SP Group is a very progressive company. Aerman shared with us that the company frequently encourages staff to attend courses to upgrade themselves. Not just say-say ok? Aerman himself is a strong believer in keeping relevant through upskilling…

Uncertainties and keeping relevant

Well, you see, being in the green industry, things are a bit uncertain. While many are adopting a wait and see approach, the group and union hope that keeping relevant will help workers in the industry when the major changes hit. Words of wisdom from Aerman: “When companies send you for training, just go. It’s good to upgrade your skills so you can stay relevant.”

The union leaders too always encourage staff to go on courses that will help them in their work! Abdul Samad Abdul Wahab, general secretary of the Union of Power and Gas Employees, has also worked hard for the workers in the industry over the years. He was instrumental in the formation of the Market Development and Resilience Scheme in 2018, which helped secure bonuses, increments and training funds for workers in the industry!

Grabbing opportunities in the Green Economy

The Green Economy is creating real industries, companies and jobs. It’s really up to workers to grab these Green opportunities! But how? Having joined the union in 2014, Aerman shared that he always tells his peers, “Got courses you think is good, can help you, just let us know.” That way, we won’t be easily displaced! Well-said!


On mentorship

Having a good Team Lead helped Aerman when he first joined his team. “My Team Lead always encouraged team work and collaboration. That helped greatly in our work,” he shared. During the course of his work, he has been very fortunate to have met good mentors in his career who have a wealth of experience, and taught him much. His buddies at work, aged 63 and 66, have more than 30 years of experience and have been guiding him selflessly! “Very fun laughing with them and enjoying work lah,” he laughed. Really, while earning a living is one thing, for older workers, keeping healthy and keeping yourself occupied is important!

Every worker of every age matters. At a recent event for workers above 40, NTUC Deputy Sec Gen, Mr Heng Chee How, spoke to 60 participants to better understand their perspectives on retirement adequacy, treatment at the workplace, employment, reemployment and retirement life. What policies or practices can help older workers? Share your thoughts here too!

Juggling work, life and union work

“It’s hard labour work. Sometimes when I’m in the tunnel, my reception is a bit bad. There was once I went MIA for a whole day. My wife really worries when she can’t find me! Now I try to inform her before I enter the tunnel,” Aerman laughs. While work may be tough, Aerman takes things in his stride, trying his best to keep up through courses and meaningful union work even amidst his busy schedule. Flexible work arrangements at SP Group also help him to juggle better!

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