Healthcare Union Leader: Let healthcare workers not have to take unpaid leave if they run out of sick leave!!

Healthcare Union Leader: Let healthcare workers not have to take unpaid leave if they run out of sick leave!!

Walau. Siao liao. Tuesday COVID-19 cases above the 26,000 mark and yesterday 20,312. Healthcare workers damn cham…

Wonder issit because of the Chinese New Year wave huh… Tia gong a lot of people already simi Covid-fatigue, mahjong, ban luck, KTV, song song gao Jurong. Hope you are not one of those who break SMM rules hor… If you are, don’t KPKP about the crazy Covid numbers now la, hypocrite leh.

As of noon on Tuesday, there were 1,608 people hospitalised. A month ago, it was only 401… The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalised x4 in less than a month!

MOH already trying their best to push up hospitals’ capacities and putting patients in Treatment Facilities as much as possible. But still hor, healthcare workers already going to buay tahan already… Ms K. Thanaletchimi, president of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union say flu season, colleagues quitting, more people getting infected by Omicron and insufficient rest are straining the healthcare workers ☹. Heng now public healthcare workers can now use their hospitalisation leave instead of outpatient sick leave when they are down with acute respiratory infection. The union made this request so that healthcare workers would not have to take unpaid leave if they run out of sick leave. 🙏🙏

Good job! Meanwhile… still got some jokers don’t help still want to hide behind the screen and stir 💩.

The Union early early already feedback and push for more support for healthcare workers! Never read newspaper meh…

Back to the healthcare workers, they really damn poor thing, hearsay still got people smack them, kpkb at them to hurry up lah… Please, people also 人生父母养 (somebody children)! Imagine your father, mother, ahgong, ahma, getting shouted at all day, every day, and cannot rest, cannot take leave, cannot go holiday!!!

Hospitals, polyclinics and even GP are very, very busy now. They say SG Healthcare Corps and Singapore Armed Forces medics also kena activated already! You can also go volunteer help if you want – you know right?

If you don’t want to volunteer, neh mind. You can still do your part. MC 5 days and don’t need to see your towkay face very tempting ah, but can don’t go to hospitals, polyclinics and GP clinics with no or veryyy mild symptoms just to get MC hor? Be part of the solution, not problem, steady? Cheem~ Jiayou, Singapore!


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