Social experiment video shows that the kampung spirit is still very alive in Singapore!   

Social experiment video shows that the kampung spirit is still very alive in Singapore!   

More often, giving and doing good can feel just as good as receiving. Agree? As we approach the December, many of us may be planning for the year-end festivities, Xmas, New Year, Lunar New Year… The list goes on, but how many of us will reach out to others who need help? In a social experiment video launched recently, we saw two little girls asking for help in the streets and the responses of strangers who reached out to help them were really touching. We may be “master grumblers”, but we can’t deny that regardless of age, race, language, Singaporeans are a kind lot. The kampung spirit is still very much alive in our little red dot! Watch here if you haven’t.

Kindhearted strangers coming together to help this little girl. GDLL~

People always talk about how privileged Singaporeans are, but it’s a fact that some lower-income Singaporeans and their families are still struggling. ☹ Many are still picking themselves up from the disruption of the pandemic years! We all remember that CB (Circuit Breaker) period right? As the pandemic unfolded like some kind of K-drama, by mid 2021, total employment had dropped by 196,400!

Thankfully, there are organisations out there to help lower-income Singaporeans and their families tide over the hardship. To support low-income union members and their families, the NTUC-U Care Fund established in 2009 has made a difference in the lives of its low-income members and their families by helping them to lessen their financial burden – through supporting the cost of school essentials for children and managing the cost of living. Don’t underestimate the stress that lower-income families face when it comes to the time of the year to purchase school uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies… It all adds up.

NTUC-U Care Fund (U Care Fund) has raised close to $7 million this year from various fundraising partnerships, donations from long-standing supporters and new organisations.

Over 15,000 lower-income union members and their family members have benefited from various assistance schemes that tapped upon these funds in 2022. NTUC held an appreciation dinner at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre to thank its donors and partners for their support recently.

NTUC Assistant Director-General and Director of NTUC Care and Share Department, Zainal Sapari, said, “Through NTUC U Care Fund, we remain committed to helping our members through challenges, providing them with financial assistance to alleviate some of the cost pressures that they might face. Together with our partners, NTUC-U Care Fund will continue our efforts in helping members to emerge stronger and to be more resilient in the face of adversities.”

Know of any lower-income union members who need help?

Better still, keep the kampung spirit alive and donate today to help more families? Know that 100% of donations raised goes towards beneficiaries!

If you’d like to contribute your story to us, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it.


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