Wake Up Singapore Dio POFMA! But who are behind the page huh?


In case you have been living under a rock, you sure know that earlier this week, Wake up Singapore uploaded a post with gory details on its social media channels about a woman who claimed to have suffered a miscarriage after waiting four hours to see a doctor at KKH A&E department in February 2022.

In a plot twist just two days later, WUSG basically said “Sorry ah – the woman had lied to me”. WUSG then said sorry to KKH for publishing the falsehoods. The apology came after KKH filed police report. Apparently, the hospital try and try and try also cannot identify the patient.

In the apology, WUS said that they are “at a loss for words” and they are “so, so sorry” that they “let all of you down”. “So, so sorry” also no cure leh… The FAKE news has gone viral on social media liao la! This is what happen when you have low journalism standards! Like they say, 道歉有用要警察 meh (apologise got use need police for what)?? And netizens are in agreement…

Say real, the POFMA correction order is well-deserved. Like MOH said, “This could lead to the erosion of public trust in the credibility and professionalism of our healthcare system and institutions.” Our healthcare workers already trying their best to cope in this pandemic, don’t need people to stir shit ok!

POFMA helps protect the Singapore public against online harm by countering the spread of all these online falsehoods. Without this POFMA, any Tom, Dick or Harry can just suka suka say things, spread fake news without consequences leh. How can?

If you want to find out the FACTS on this case, you can click here.

Psst, you know who’s behind Wake Up Singapore? Netizens CSI and already found them liao…

Sure Boh?

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