Kakak Will Teach You How to Live Cheaply

Kakak Will Teach You How to Live Cheaply

Hello adik-adik and friends!   I hope you are all doing good and healthy! I’m sure you all also keeping busy with catching up with friends, right? But remember to always wash hands and wear your masks when indoors, ok? Keep healthy because health is wealth!

And speaking of wealth, today, Kakak want to help you save money. I bet after many restrictions have been lifted, you all for sure spend more money- buy new clothes for office lah, take a taxi or grab, buy coffee and bubble tea. The list goes on.

Because of inflation, it’s a terrible time to spend money. Everything so expensive!

So here are some of my cash-saving hacks. I guarantee you sure save money one because I’ve been doing these for years!



Want to get the best deals? Check out supermarket advertisements before you decide on your meal plan. Some have discounts on specific days, purchase-with-purchase deals or promotional items!

Another good food hack is shopping out-of-hours. Shops that sell perishable items like some bakeries, will heavily discount their items at the end of the day. Good bargain!

You know what I always tell Zikri? Caffeine is caffeine. If you need to stay awake, swap your handcrafted barista coffee to local kopi- colossal price difference with the same effect. To be honest, I always think good ol’ kopi is always better than a hazelnut latte.

If you buy your kopi in the morning, you can also get it in a set with soft-boiled eggs and toast. It’s a no-brainer, right? Much better option. Better value for money.

Another way to save money is to eat less red meat. Did you know that due to the pandemic, red meat prices have skyrocketed due to the supply chain disruptions, worker shortages, and the surge in consumer demand?

So, maybe try a couple of meat-free days and look at other sources of proteins like fish, chicken, or tofu!



20 years ago, Kakak always try to save money at the beginning of the year so that I could splurge during the Great Singapore Sale. But now, every other month also have a sale, and the best part is no need to leave the house and change out of my baju butterfly (pajamas).

It’s no secret online shopping is addictive, especially when there’s a sale (or two) every month! So Kakak always make it a point to browse, add to the cart then wait for maybe a day or two. I call this my ’24-hour Rule’, where I take some time to think over to avoid impulse buying.

If you need to buy something, buying it retail or brand new should not be your only option.

Did you know that the fashion world produces more than 150 billion clothes, shoes, and accessories every year, half of which are soon thrown into the trash as useless?

Have you all heard of ‘sustainable fashion’ before? It was first mentioned in a 1987 UN Commission report on environment and development. The idea is to balance resources and economic growth without polluting the environment.

Over the last few years, market research indicates interest in second-hand goods is constantly growing. People are now more concerned with ways to protect the environment and want something durable and long-lasting.

Some items like furniture, bags even clothes can be found on peer-to-peer e-commerce platforms like Carousell and Facebook groups. So look around first to see if someone has it but not using it. Then, there are second-hand shops for luxury items like bags and watches.. so if you feel like getting a bag for Hari Raya this year, go check out these shops, ok?

But Kakak also want to remind you, before you decide on any pre-loved item, always first scrutinize the condition of the item and consider how much longer the item can serve your needs.



Abang just told me that now the place that gives him the heebie-jeebies is no longer the Chanel or LV boutiques but the petrol station.

One of the biggest reasons for the steep rise in petrol prices globally is the ongoing Russia – Ukraine war. Apparently, experts are saying prices may increase further in the coming weeks.

For now, having a car is convenient but a considerable expense, especially since it’s heavily dependent on your usage. So I told Abang to stop his daydream of upgrading the car or owning a second one.

Kakak think the best way to get around is using public transport. Not only is our public transport efficient and well-connected, but the fleet is also very clean and well maintained. The air-con on the bus, very shiok to sleep, you know?

There are other options to move around, like cycling, carpooling or car sharing. While the last option may not be so cheap, it’s still less expensive than owning a car!


Low-Cost Fun

Did you know there are so many fun and entirely free things to do in Singapore? So leave your wallet at home!

Want to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the sun? Head to the beach or waterfront spots for a picnic. Bring them to water play areas at parks if you have small kids.

Most of the museums here offer free admission to locals and permanent residents. So if you’re feeling adventurous, put on your trekking shoes and head out on nature trails or explore different neighborhoods via our Park Connector Network (PCN).

Living cheaply does not mean we cannot enjoy life or must settle for less quality. It is more of making a conscious decision to cut down on anything that can be deemed an excess and channel that money to more meaningful and rewarding areas. Anyway, the cost of living doesn’t seem to go away very soon, so we all must learn to cope. If you have any other cash-savings hacks, share with me too okay?

Live cheaply, stay happy!





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