Drinks stall employee who helps keep a lost Charles and Keith Bag receives an ang bao from bag owner


A diner found her bag which she left behind at a coffee shop after a kind-hearted uncle who happened to be at the coffee shop picked it up and passed it to a drinks stall employee.

The employee then helped to keep the bag until the bag owner came back for the bag and received an ang bao from the bag owner as a gesture of appreciation.

The incident took place at about 4pm last Tuesday (13 February) reported Zabao.

Mr Wang, 61 years old retiree found a bag left by another diner at a coffee shop in Block 406 Sembawang Drive.

When interviewed, he told Shin Min Daily News that he saw a black bag on the chair next to him as soon as he took his seat. “The bag looked very expensive, so I sat there to help look after it while waiting for the owner to come back to claim it,” he said.

After waiting for half an hour, Mr Wang said that the owner did not come back, so he handed the bag to the drinks stall employee for safekeeping and continued to eat.

When a Shin Min Daily News reporter visited the coffee shop, Miss Lin, a 29-year-old drinks stall employee, said this was indeed the case. She said that she was busy at the time when a customer suddenly handed over the bag and told her that he had picked it up on the seat.

“I didn’t ask in detail, I just helped keep it and then handed it over to my colleague working the evening shift,” she added.

Miss Lin also revealed that afterwards, a diner came to ask about the lost bag, and a colleague from the evening shift returned the bag to its original owner.

“The owner thanked me and passed an ang bao to my colleague,” she said.

According to the photo, the bag is from Charles and Keith and retails at about $90.

Reportedly, someone also found a mobile phone in the toilet of the coffee shop last month and handed it over to the drinks stall staff. The owner of the mobile phone also managed to retrieve the mobile phone.

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