Presidential Election 2023: Hearsay Tharman Ong Lai Boh Bao Jiak leh

Tharman Ong Lai

Even though Tharman is a well-respected person internationally and also a unifying leader, his ong lai boh bao jiak one! Wah, are you all also following Presidential Election 2023 closely too huh? Tia gong bookies also start taking bets liao leh, like that also can sia! With Mao Shan Wang George Goh out of the […]

Everything you need to know from PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2023 Speech!

National Day Rally 2023 PM Lee Speech

PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2023 speech simplified for you. It’s the time of the year again when Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong addresses the nation and tells us the plans for Singapore and Singaporeans! But in case you karh ch’ng si tang (backside got worm) cannot sit still through the entire National Day […]

National Day Rally 2023: Will PM Lee have good news for us Singaporeans?

national day rally 2023

Don’t know about you lah, but every year, other than Budget hor, lao niang sure sure will look forward to National Day Rally and pray that PM Lee will got some happy and good news (aka goodie bag aka free money) for Singaporeans one. Things you must know about the National Day Rally 2022, other […]

Jin bo liao, I asked Copy.Ai who would make a great President of Singapore

Tharman George Goh Ng Kok Song President

Say real one, lao niang tried to play play with and got to say that it is pretty amazing leh! Feeling very bo liao, I asked hor, out of all the hopeful candidates who are running for the Presidential Election, who it thinks would make a great President of Singapore. Guess what! […]