HSA suspends immediate sales of of 骨節靈 (Gu Jie Ling), warns consumer of potent medicinal ingredients

骨節靈 (Gu Jie Ling)

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is alerting members of the public not to purchase or consume “骨節靈 (Gu Jie Ling)”. The product, labelled as a “traditional medicine” containing various herbal ingredients, had claimed to be “made entirely from traditional Chinese medicines”, had “no side effects” and could be “safely used” for symptomatic relief of backache, […]

3 weight loss products sold on Shopee recalled after banned toxic substance found

Nature Slim, Slimming Seven Days by Figure Up and Energy Booster Figure-Up New Look Strong Version

Three weight loss products claiming to be “natural” or “herbal” were found to contain a banned toxic substance. Consumers who took these products experienced adverse effects such as rapid heartbeat, dry mouth and extreme thirst. The products, sold on Shopee, and have been removed from the listing after they were flagged by the Health Sciences […]

Diners at Bedok North food centre complain about dirty and mouldy trays

Diners at Bedok North hawker centre complain about dirty and mouldy trays

One netizen has taken to Facebook to complain about dirty and mouldy trays. These trays are not only dirty, but they are also smelly and stained with moulds. In addition to being disgusted, diners are worried about bacterial infection. Some stall owners are also worried that their businesses might be affected as a result, reported […]