Driver flees after collision with three motorbikes in multistorey carpark in Marine Cresent


A car collided with three motorbikes in a multi-story carpark, and the driver fled the scene by parking the vehicle on the top floor.

The incident occurred last Saturday night (27 January) at around 10 pm at the carpark located at Block 35A Marine Crescent, as reported by “SGRV” on their Facebook page, reported Zaobao.

Photos uploaded on the page show a silver Honda sedan with a private-hire vehicle sticker, noticeably damaged on the left front side, parked at the open-air parking lots on the top floor.


Another photo shows three motorbikes pushed into the corner against the wall. The post also mentioned that the driver of the silver Honda sedan fled after causing the accident.

When the reporter visited the carpark on 28 January, a 52-year-old housewife and resident of the area revealed that she heard a loud noise coming from the carpark but did not pay much attention to it. It was only the next morning when she overheard her neighbours talking about the accident that she became aware of what had transpired.

“I saw the car parked there at 1pm, but I didn’t see the car owner,” she said.

Another 64-year-old resident noted that the carpark structure can be confusing, and it is easy to get confused by the paths and collide with other motorbikes or cars if one is not familiar with the area or not paying attention.

“However, the car owner is most likely a resident here because the car is parked in the designated red parking lot,” he added.

The police have confirmed receiving a report of a hit-and-run incident involving a 64-year-old man as the suspect who is currently assisting with the investigation.

The police said that the incident involved a sedan and three motorbikes, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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