Woman who tripped 4-year-old girl at Sheng Siong apologizes and offers $3,500 as compensation


The woman who tripped a four-year-old girl outside Sheng Siong supermarket has been found, reported Zaobao.

According to the father of the four-year-old child who fractured her arm after allegedly being tripped by a woman at the supermarket, the woman had apologized and was willing to pay $3,500 in compensation.

In case you missed the news, it was reported last week that a four-year-old girl was injured on the eve of Chinese New Year (8 February) at around 9.15pm outside Sheng Siong supermarket in Marsiling Drive.

She was tripped over by a woman and fractured her left arm as a result and had to wear a brace for three months. The girl’s father, Mr. Huang (27 years old, service consultant), posted online afterwards, hoping to find the woman involved.

Reportedly, the woman who made the girl fall over was found after the girl’s father posted about the incident online.

A week after the report broke, the woman involved has been found.

A reporter contacted the girl’s father and it was revealed during the interview that the police found the woman responsible on 15 February and gave him her contact information.

“I contacted the person the next day and arranged to meet near the Sheng Siong supermarket where the incident occurred on 17 February,” he said.

He shared that the woman, who was about 40 years old and worked in the catering industry, apologized to him on the day they met and expressed her willingness to compensate for her daughter’s medical expenses. “She said that after knocking into my daughter, she thought nothing happened and left. She didn’t expect it to be so serious,” he added.

He also revealed that his daughter’s medical expenses are currently about RM 12,000 (approximately SGD 3,371), and there may be other follow-up expenses afterwards.

“We relented and finally forgave the woman and asked her to pay S$3,500 in compensation, but we haven’t received the money yet. The woman said that the money would be transferred in mid-March, and she didn’t want her family to know about it,” he said.

The girl’s father also said that his daughter’s injuries are no longer serious, but her hands will still need to be covered in plaster for two to three months.

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