61-year-old man seen pushing Bentley against Red Swastika School security officer to be charged!

61-year-old man seen pushing Bentley against Red Swastika School security officer to be charged!

Earlier in January this year, a widely-circulated video of an incident at Red Swastika School in Bedok North, which showed a white Bentley car inching forward against a security officer outside the entrance of Red Swastika School had triggered many netizens. In the video that was reposted all over social media and shared by many, the security officer was seen rubbing his right knee.

The police received a report that day at about 11.40am of a car driver who was allegedly endangering the safety of the security officer. Many netizens and politicians including Labour Chief, Ng Chee Meng, and Education Minister Chan Chun Sing went on to condemn the atrocious act.

Bentley driver arrested after threatening to run down security officer at Red Swastika School!


The security officer was trying to prevent the car from entering the Red Swastika School compound when the incident happened. The 61-year-old driver Neo Hong Chye was later arrested at about 3.35pm the same day after the Union of Security Employees filed a police report against him. Thankfully, the security officer only suffered minor injuries, and had received support from the school and the Union of Security Employees.

The authorities will be charging the two men today over the incident. The 61-year-old driver and his 28-year-old son (owner of the Bentley) will face charges for their suspected involvement. The 61-year-old man will be charged with committing a rash act causing hurt and with driving a vehicle without insurance coverage.

The son will be charged with altering the car’s licence plate number and permitting another person to use a vehicle without insurance coverage.

Indeed, as netizen Terence Ke rightly pointed out, “Money can’t buy class.”

The driver has been identified as Neo Hong Chye.


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