No One’s a Sure-Win


The Singapore presidential election campaign officially kicked off yesterday! Confirm plus chop now got three hotshot candidates in the game: Ng Kok Song, Tan Kin Lian, and Tharman Shanmugaratnam. But hor, don’t play play, ah, each one got their own mountain to climb in this campaign la. Wah, akak so excited lah. 

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Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the brainy bro, also got his own uphill road. Ex-DPM, ex- Finance minister, sibei chummy with gahmen. But then hor, Singaporeans like the idea of an independent leader. So he need to show he’s not just PAP’s bro, but also got his own ideas, no strings attached. 

Ng Kok Song, that financial wizard, got one challenge like that. You know what ah? People saying his connections like hor, got potential conflicts of interest. Wah, you know, GIC and all that. So, he must chut pattern, show his cards and prove he’s pure like distilled water. 

Eh, then got Tan Kin Lian leh. This guy power one, fight for justice like a true hero. But alamak, got one problem. Some old stories about how the ‘pretty girls’ posts . A bit jialat, lor. He better faster clear that air and show he’s a changed man, can? 

So last warning ah…. stop saying one of the candidates is a sure- win already. This election, is anyone’s game! 

Akak asked ChatGPT to help write a fun and catchy rap about these three candidates.  Ready? 


Tharman’s the name, intellect set on fire, 
From Deputy PM to Finance Minister, he’ll inspire, 
But his ties to PAP, a potential hitch, 
As people seek independence, a new switch. 
Ng Kok Song, finances his art, 
Managing wealth with a brilliant start, 
But whispers of interest conflicts arise, 
Transparency’s needed to clear up the skies. 
Tan Kin Lian, justice in his heart, 
Insurance expert, playing his part, 
Yet the cloud of controversy with women remains, 
Can he rise above it, break those chains? 
Three candidates vying, strong and bold, 
In the presidential race, a story to be told, 
Stay informed of news, both new and old, 
This is the time to let your choice unfold. 
Your vote holds power, make it count, 
In the sea of voices, your choice paramount, 
Vote on September 1st, don’t let your chance flounder, 
Shape the nation’s destiny, let your choice resound.  

So, Singaporeans please eh, you don’t listen to those people who say they don’t believe in this system then anyhowly spoil their vote.  Your vote really can make a difference.


Sure Boh?

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