Presidential Election 2023: Hearsay Tharman Ong Lai Boh Bao Jiak leh


Even though Tharman is a well-respected person internationally and also a unifying leader, his ong lai boh bao jiak one!

Wah, are you all also following Presidential Election 2023 closely too huh? Tia gong bookies also start taking bets liao leh, like that also can sia! With Mao Shan Wang George Goh out of the picture hor, looks like Ng Kok Song is catching up fast leh. This uncle social media game stronk, got 80k followers!! More than Lao niang, TMD. 

So ah, you see his popularity so high hor means that Tharman ong lai boh bao jiak (not sure win) leh! Say real, this Kok Song steady lah, at 75 years old, have 45 year-old chio, smart fiancée. (7545 4d got tio or not?) Hearsay, he’s the envy of many men leh. Of course lah! Hold hand with one young and chio fiancée, walk outside also got wind.

Ex GIC chief, ultra rich, smart, got chio wife. If become President, song song gao Jurong!
Ex GIC chief, ultra rich, smart, got chio wife. If become President, song song gao Jurong!

Got expert describe Kok Song as the “middle ground’ candidate, that point he sure win Tharman already lah. So hor, this 75-year-old may appeal to voters who, all things being equal, might prefer someone who was ONCE closely tied to the establishment. Tharman, after all, was a PAP man mah. No matter how much work he does on the ground unifying the young, old, and disadvantaged, and how respected he is, many might still dismiss him one, agree or not?

8 things about Tharman Shanmugaratnam, your potential President of Singapore!

So ah, if you ask me, I really think Tharman, despite his international status, this time hor ong lai boh bao jiak (not sure win) leh! Shaky! 

Don’t play, play. Tan Kin Lian may be another dark horse ok!

Although experts say his recent “pretty girl” comments could cost Kin Lian votes in the Presidential Election, a lot also jumped to his defense. If you ask me ah, I think he also quite Kor Lian (poor thing) kena attacked by netizens, maybe he might get some 同情票 (sympathy votes) because maybe Kor Lian Kin Lian! He looks like a sincere man who can appeal to and connect with the elderly leh. Stop smearing him liao ah. 

OH YAH, also, you got see Tan Cheng Bock very action post one cryptic photo of him saying “We still have one chance for change? Mai siao siao, Ah Bock talk got a lot of ah gongs, ah mas listen one leh!

Damn action, this uncle. This photo dunno stage how long 😆 
Damn action, this uncle. This photo dunno stage how long 😆

Anyway, sibeh excited, this time can vote for our 9th President. Hope the best man wins lah hor. Voters still have some time to decide. Kok Song and Kin Lian, please focus on your campaigns and try to win voters’ hearts! Tharman already said he is looking forward to a dignified, honourable presidential contest uniting Singaporeans. Meaning hor, don’t smear lai, smear qu – like Kin Lian may be someone who genuinely wants to serve Singapore one! This attack will hurt people’s families one leh… 

Tan Kin Lian and wife
Tan Kin Lian and wife

But then hor, wonder what Kin Lian’s wife thinks of people labeling him as cheekopek hor, she also lao chio mah. You see the hairdo, jin swee! Don’t know need to set how many hours one. Lao niang suka!

Sure Boh?

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