Chiobu boss with a heart of gold fights to keep her staff paid


There are good bosses in life, and there are terrible bosses too. Sometimes, a good boss may fall on hard times and need a helping hand.

chiobu bossEnter this 25-year-old chiobu boss, who used to be a baker. She took over her family’s business about four years ago and has been planning to expand the business. Unfortunately, as we all know, her food business has been badly impacted by COVID.

Due to COVID and dining-in restrictions, business has greatly suffered, to the extent that she sometimes only manages to take in only $100 a month! Despite the poor business, she has insisted on keeping all 26 members of her staff and did not cut their pay!

Then there are terrible bosses….

terrible boss

We’ve all heard stories of terrible bosses concealing retrenchment as firing during COVID. There’s a difference between the two terms – those who are retrenched have to be paid a retrenchment package vs those who are fired. Those fired simply have their jobs terminated due to poor performance (usually) and there’s no compensation needed on the bosses’ part.

When businesses run into financial troubles, many bad bosses will try to get out of it by firing their staff overnight with no proper explanation given. Some will suddenly say that you’ve been performing badly (out of nowhere), even though you could have been previously earmarked for promotion!

In such cases, it helps greatly if you are part of a union so that there is a third party who can negotiate on your behalf. Last year, the unions stopped a retrenchment exercise because the company had not followed the proper process before letting go of its employees. Even if retrenchment is unavoidable, companies have to ensure that the retrenchment is fair. Employers are not allowed to fire anyone at random and anyhow they please! Hence, even if you are to be retrenched, the union will negotiate and help you fight for your retrenchment package – which can be quite a sum of money to tide you through.

If that doesn’t work and the terrible boss refuses to budge, report the bugger to MOM and the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM)! They will investigate and resolve salary related issues by engaging employers and ensure that they pay what’s fair and owed to you!

Help a kind boss out now!

chiobu boss

It goes without saying that we have loads of respect for this young chiobu boss who is not only pretty but has a heart of gold! Due to the stress of maintaining the business during COVID, she sometimes loses sleep and cries. But, she is still choosing to continue on and is paying her staff out of her own pocket.

“My parents have handed the restaurant to me and I do not wish to disappoint them. I also have many older workers, and they are the reasons why I continue on.”, she said.

Her restaurant, GoodYear Seafood Restaurant, is located at 15 Tampines Ave. Since the dine-in restrictions have been relaxed to five pax from yesterday, we’re gonna go support her right now! Bring your father, mother, brother and sister too! You will get nice food, some eye candy and help save the jobs of her older staff!


GoodYear Seafood Restaurant
15 Tampines Ave, Singapore 529788

Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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