8 truths that the Squid Game has taught us


MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned, please only read this article after you have finished the Squid Game. Or you can send this to your friend and annoy them for spoiling the show.


#1 Adaptability is the key to survival.

squid game doll

During the first game (Red light, green light), about half of the participants were eliminated.

A large number of them panicked, causing a stampede after it became clear that death was the outcome of elimination. Those who stayed calm and adapted to the rules of the game immediately were the ones who survived this first shocking game.

When Gi Hun was glued to the ground in fear and unable to move, Sang Woo was the one who advised him and said that he would die when the time ran out. Taking Sang Woo’s advice, Gi Hun started to move onwards despite his fear.

We think this mirrors life. When we face tech disruptions and are in danger of losing our jobs, those who adapt and upskill to be relevant are the ones who will be left standing.

This game of course takes the phrase, “adapt or die”, very literally.

#2 We (usually) have a choice when making decisions.

squid game voting

After surviving the first game and feeling shell shocked, the players take a vote on whether they wish to continue playing the game. Despite the rules of the (cruel) game being more apparent now, some still chose to stay and play.

#3 It’s not over, till it’s over.

squid game honeycomb

During game 2 (honeycomb game), Gi Hun had the misfortune of picking the worst shape out of the four. Despite having the odds stacked against him, he focused on finishing the task at hand, eventually pulling through.

Definitely nerve wrecking watching him pick at the pieces and not break the honeycomb though.

#4 Sometimes, faking it (till you make it) is more than half the battle won.

squid game tug of war

During Game 3 (tug-of-war), things were not looking good for our main characters. It goes without saying that the team with an old man and a few females (sorry ladies, a stereotype but most women have less upper body strength than males) was more likely to lose to a team full of strong looking men.

Nevertheless, the team pulled through due to strategy and good teamwork. The old man who shared his wisdom said, “Hold out just for the first ten seconds to confuse the other team.”

True enough, despite being physically stronger, the opponent team started psyching themselves out when the seemingly weaker team could be not budged. Their rhythm broke, allowing the “weaker team” to work their way towards victory.

Sometimes, believing that you have a chance at victory is half the battle won.

#5 Many problems in life stem from the lack of having a good job.

As the show progresses, we soon learn the backstories of our main characters. Many of them returned to the game because of the problems that they faced in life outside, making them feel hopeless.

Ali – A sweet and kindhearted migrant worker who has a job, but has a terrible boss who refused to pay his salary for six months. We wanna kill that evil boss for what he did to Ali, how can anyone take advantage of that cute, sweetface?!

squid game sang woo

Sang Woo – A down and out high flyer who previously had a good job. However, he lost loads of money in investments, leading to debts and him committing crimes like embezzlement.

squid game gi hun

Gi Hun – Jobless and a gambler. He was the quintessential loser at the start of the show.

Later on, during his conversation with the old man, we learnt that Gi Hun had fallen on hard times after being retrenched from his company. His close friend/colleague even died during a strike to protest the retrenchment, leading to Gi Hun being traumatised afterwards.

It goes to show that having a good job and a steady income is extremely important to everyone, as it prevents people from falling unto hard times and vicious cycles.

#6 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

squid game bridge game

Our favourite moment during Game 5 (the glass bridge game) was when Han Mi-Nyeo went up against the villain, Deok Su and dragged him down with her. Previously, she swore that she would kill Deok Su if he ever betrayed her.

Deok Su, seen as the “strong guy” throughout Squid Game, became a coward in the face of death.

On the other hand, Mi Nyeo displayed that she knew exactly who she was. She was not afraid to achieve what she wanted, even to the point of death. Telling a guy he has a small dick moments before dragging him to die with her? Totally ballsy.

Her quest for revenge also gave the remaining players a much higher chance of survival. She’s quite the heroine actually, for taking out Deok Su and literally paving the way for the rest.

#7 You never know when your skill will come in handy in life.

During game 5, the players must choose their path and cross the glass bridge. The catch? It’s a choice between tempered glass and normal glass – the latter which results in the player falling to a gruesome death.

Who would have known that player 13 was a glassmaker with 40 years of experience? His niche skill of glassmaking meant that he could tell the subtle differences between normal and tempered glass, allowing him to lead the remaining players to victory.

There’re no useless skills okay. My skill of binge watching dramas led to this article, nubbad right.

#8 Gong Yoo is too good looking for life to ever be fair.

C’mon, just look at that face. Not surprising that they chose him to be the face of Squid Game, no? This oppa can sell anything with that smile smirk.

Squid Game: Why is the prize money prized at 45.6 billion Korean Won?

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