5 things you didn’t know about migrant workers in Singapore

Migrant workers keeping fit at Westlite dormitory.

Since the start of Circuit Breaker, migrant workers in Singapore have been thrust into the spotlight in our fight against COVID-19. Yet in the past months, it’s heartening to see Singaporeans step up in their support towards migrant workers. During the crisis, we’ve witnessed how a young Singaporean built a translation portal overnight for medical […]

Why take public transport ok, but social gatherings not ok?

Ever since we started phase one, I see a lot of people asking, “Oei, why can take public transport to go to work or school but buay sai meet friends and family? KNS siah, why like that? What kind of stupid logic is that?” So early early this week, during the multi-ministry task force’s press […]

Circuit Breaker: The Struggles Of A Food Delivery Rider

Image Source: Jerry Toh via Facebook “Pls have some patience. Delivery guys are human too. They are not superman. “ The circuit breaker has unsurprisingly caused a spike in demand for food delivery services, with The Straits Times reporting a 20 to 30 per cent increase in demand. It’s no wonder that food delivery riders are […]

Top 10 Value For Money Cars In Singapore Below $20,000

Working around a budget constraint does not mean you have to give up owning a car as we bring you a list of affordable cars, under $20,000, available right in our marketplace. Let UCARS Find the right one for you! Introducing the top 10 value for money cars in Singapore under $20,000! To put things into […]

4 coffee places you must visit right now

nylon coffee roasters

1. Nylon Coffee Roasters An “oldie” but a goodie. Let’s start with the tried and true. Nylon’s name is commonly found in many other posts about coffee because they were among the first to bring specialty coffee to Singapore. Founded on the couple’s love for coffee and experience abroad, Nylon boasts a very hands-on approach, […]

5 things you didn’t know about Simei that’s named after ancient Chinese beauties

Simei is a relatively small town with low housing estates. Buildings are typically no more than eleven storeys for safety concerns (presence of planes flying in and out of Changi Airport). What may be most impressionable about this district is Changi Business Park that is flourishing with banks and foreign talents. Hence, Changi Business Park […]

Huawei phone users can redeem free bubble tea


Huawei is showing appreciation to users for their continuous support in using the company’s smartphones! From 5 Jul to 7 Jul and 12 Jul to 14 Jul, 11 am to 2 pm; users can redeem free bubble tea from Partea. Simply flash your Huawei phone at the counter, register instantly as a Partea member and […]