Top 10 Value For Money Cars In Singapore Below $20,000


Working around a budget constraint does not mean you have to give up owning a car as we bring you a list of affordable cars, under $20,000, available right in our marketplace. Let UCARS Find the right one for you! Introducing the top 10 value for money cars in Singapore under $20,000!

To put things into perspective, the current Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for Category A cars stands at $31,210, down from the previous $32,699.

Image Source: Precise Auto Trading

Honda Civic

Falling between the City and Accord, the Honda Civic is one of the most durable, sturdy, and repairable mid-sized sedan. It marries comfort and daily usage feasibility, easily winning the heart of drivers.

Get the Honda Civic at $10,500 from Precise Auto Trading Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: Classic Credit

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a compact sedan that emanates a big-car feel yet allows you to drive in a cosy space. Its steering is responsive and the floorboard is built in a way that minimal of the road comes through.

Get the Subaru Impreza at $10,800 from Classic Credit Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: 88 Motor Trading

Honda Airwave

Commonly mistaken to be a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Honda Airwave is a subcompact station wagon with streamlined body that garners you a sleek look. Its five doors allow for easy access and the sheer boot capacity reassures you the space wherever you go.

Get the Honda Airwave at $10,800 from 88 Motor Trading on UCARS.

Image Source: Motorworld

Toyota Vios

Look no further for an inexpensive vehicle that is comfortable on its inside and out. A practical subcompact sedan with efficient fuel consumption, the Toyota Vios is powered by a 1.5L 1NZ-FE engine. Rest assured that passengers’ safety are not compromised at such a price point.

Get the Toyota Vios at $12,800 from Motorworld on UCARS.

Image Source: Starbright Auto

Toyota Rush

Bright and cheery, the Toyota Rush’s boxy feature exudes a chic and sophisticated look for a sport utility vehicle (SUV). It combines road-going passenger elements with off-road vehicle characteristics, giving it its elevated ground. Drive tall and comfortably.

Get the Toyota Rush at $13,800 from Starbright Auto Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: Motorworld

Perodua Myvi

For those who fancy hatchbacks, Perodua Myvi may just do the job for you. The hatch-type rear door that opens upwards shares the passenger and cargo space, which allow drivers to covert the seats more additional boot capacity.

Get the Perodua Myvi at $13,800 from Motorworld on UCARS.

Image Source: Roadlink Auto

Daihatsu Materia

Geared with OZ Super Ultraleggera Sports Rim, the Daihatsu Materia hatchback is a mini MPV that stands out from the crowd. Squarely designed with leather seats, the Materia encompasses the right angles that make it appear hip.

Get the Daihatsu Materia at $14,500 from Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: Owo Cars

Chevrolet Cruz

The Chevrolet Cruz is a strong statement offering high-tech and comfort for a four-door sedan. Running on its powerful 1.6L ECO-Tec II DOHC engine, the Cruz does not fail in comparison to its competitors.

Get the Chevrolet Cruz at $17,800 from Owo Cars Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: 88 Motor Trading

Proton Exora

The Proton Exora is an elegant and spacious MPV which makes it perfect for a weekend family trip out. With headlights extending to the slim rear pillars, an aggressive yet friendly vibe is given off.

Get the Proton Exora at $17,800 from 88 Motor Trading on UCARS.

Image Source: Motorworld

Nissan Sunny

A global favourite sedan, the Nissan Sunny runs on a four-wheel drive. Definitely a practical car with adequate spaces on the inside, ensuring passengers are comfortable throughout the ride.

Get the Nissan Sunny at $18,800 from Motorworld on UCARS.

Image Source: Classic Credit

Fiat Doblo Panorama

Emphasizing on the space Fiat Doblo Panorama offers, the MPV seats up to 7 passengers with ample room. Despite being designed based off a van, it encompasses many car-like features. Ideal for families living on a budget.

Get the Fiat Doblo Panorama at $19,800 from Classic Credit Pte Ltd on UCARS.

Image Source: Crown Motoring

Mitsubishi Lancer

Frequently seen on the roads, the Mitsubishi Lancer speaks with its basic but sporty look. The darkened rims and details add to its already compelling eyes. Designed to bring you to cloud nine with its sheer driving pleasure.

Get the Mitsubishi Lancer at $19,800 from Crown Motoring Pte Ltd on UCARS.

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