What Gahmen doing for Singaporeans during this Covid-19??

What Gahmen doing for Singaporeans during this Covid-19??

Five weeks liao. Since the CB start.

A lot of new measures introduced and lifted as we speak, a lot of people also wah, suddenly discovered their newfound talent during this Circuit Breaker period. Suddenly everyone become fitness experts and suddenly everyone very good at baking.

Suddenly we also realise that heng ah! our Gahmen last time save a lot of money, never anyhow spend here spend there or anyhow use the money from reserves, that is why they got money to help Singaporeans now.

In case you don’t know, the Gahmen oredi set aside $60 billion to fight this COVID-19.

And as of May, more than $16 billion of assistance has been given out to help Singaporeans and Singapore companies. That means hor, they still got another $44 billion more to give. $$$$$

Help for towkays

To help towkays and eventually their workers, Gahmen put in $7 billion under the Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) to companies pay the first $4,600 of gross monthly wages paid to each local employee. Tia gong another $4 billion will be paid out in May.

Then hor, Gahmen also waived the Foreign Worker Levy and give rebates like the Property Tax rebate and Corporate Income Tax rebate – all these add up to $2.5 billion you know?

Some more they also got let companies and self-employed Singaporeans to defer their tax payment because they know these people will have cash flow problem.

Help for Singaporeans

Remember the Solidarity Payment of $600 you happily received in April?

That money is given to ALL Singaporeans – no matter you rich or poor.

Other forms of help given to Singaporeans who need more help include goods and services tax (GST) vouchers, service and conservancy charges rebates. All these add up together is about $2 billion by the way.

Then for those who really bo bian need immediate financial help one, Gahmen also got set aside about $200 million to give out to around 450,000 Singaporeans under the Temporary Relief Fund (TFR). Under the TRF scheme, those who lost their jobs or faced an income loss of at least 30% due to COVID-19 can receive a one-off cash payment of $500.

Self-employed and freelancers who probably suffered the most also get additional assistance from the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS). This cost the Gahmen another $300 million.

There is also the COVID-19 Support Grant for those who have lost their jobs, are on compulsory no-pay leave, or have suffered a significant salary cut for at least three consecutive months – they get a support of up to $800 per month for 3 months. This one just opened for application nia-nia.

By the way hor, all these help are on top of existing schemes such as MOE’s Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) and ComCare ok.

All the millions and billions, OMG, how many zeroes liao??

Help for Foreign Workers

Other than helping Singaporeans, also cannot ignore the fact that the Gahmen are also trying their best to help the foreign workers so that they can receive the best medical treatment to help them recover. 20,000 going to be discharged by month end leh. Steady la! You think to test, separate soooo many people small project ah.

See. With all these help, you can touch your heart and say Gahmen neh do anything meh?


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