5 things you didn’t know about Pasir Ris aka the far far away place in S’pore


5 things you didn’t know about Pasir Ris aka the far far away place in S’pore


To many, especially the westies, Pasir Ris is a forbidden place simply because of how far it really is (last MRT stop on the green line). There is even a running joke that no one actually passes by Pasir Ris because it’s literally at the end of Singapore.

Granted, there shall be no debate about the location but hey, is it really all that bad? Let’s take a closer look at some of the undiscovered gems of this area before making any conclusions.


1. Pasir Ris Park Ris was first known as Passier Reis in 1846


Map of Straits of Singapore
Map of Straits of Singapore


Hey, doesn’t Passier Reis (or Passier Rice) actually sound cooler than Pasir Ris? The name was first indicated in the map of Straits of Singapore compiled by Captain Samuel Congalton and government surveyor John Turnbull Thomson in 1846.

Pasir Ris was also said to be a contraction of the word, Pasir Hiris, in Malay which describes a shred of long sand dotting the northeastern coastline of Singapore. It was originally home to many kampongs and villages focusing on livestock and agriculture. In the 1890s, country homes (or bungalows) were built by wealthy businessmen for rest and recreational activities. Fast forward to more than 100 years later, you are still able to find chalets and resorts at Pasir Ris. So is this why you feel like you are on a holiday whenever you are in Pasir Ris?



2. Pasir Ris air quality is better than other parts of Singapore

Pasir Ris Park
Pasir Ris Park


You’ve probably heard from aunties and uncles living in Pasir Ris boasting about the air quality and how it is much better than the west of Singapore where industrial areas are far and many. Well, this is not necessarily always true (fake news alert).

A quick look at air quality measured by National Environmental Agency shows that the area with the best air quality (disclaimer: at the time of writing) is actually…*insert drums roll effect* in the North! The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) level at the North is currently at 63. This is just slightly better than the East with PSI of 67.

Note: The air quality is generally good in all parts of Singapore. When there is haze, it is a different story altogether. We hope there will never be a repeat of 2015 haze crisis.


3. Pasir Ris has one of the best durians in Singapore

Pasir Ris Durians
Durians at Pasir Ris


Wait a minute…did you say durians? Durian lovers residing in the East, this one’s for you! Gone are the days where you’ll need to travel all the way down to Geylang for your weekly dose of durians. Kong Lee Hup Kee Trading, founded by a husband and wife team since its early beginnings, is tucked in a little corner along Pasir Ris Dr 6. Customers have raved about their friendly service and quality durians – even the cheapest durian, D13, is so good!

If the prices are a little too steep for you, consider those durian stalls along the 24-hr coffeeshop (also at Pasir Ris Dr 6). While the durian quality pales in comparison, you get to satisfy your taste buds as long as you’re not picky durian eater.

Warning: Once you’ve tried Kong Lee Hup Kee’s durians, you’re unlikely going back to the other durian stalls in Pasir Ris.



4. Pasir Ris wet market has one of the coolest vegetable sellers

Pasir Ris wet market
Pasir Ris wet market


The coolest vegetable seller can be found at the wet market in Pasir Ris (which isn’t exactly wet), also located at Pasir Ris Dr 6. Unlike other vegetable stalls, her stall has undoubtedly the longest queue for vegetable purchase. Not only does her stall sells really fresh vegetables, you’ll soon be captivated by how the vegetable seller calculates the cost of your purchase.

Without a calculator, she rattles off the cost of each item in your basket and mentally adds up the cost with no break in between the cost of each item. You can say she’s almost like a vegetable rapper. Best of all? She can “rap” in English, Chinese, Malay and several dialects! If you’re a first-time visitor to her stall, you may literally be stunned like vegetable, wondering how she acquired such skills by simply selling fresh produce at a wet market!

The only possible downside? It leaves you no room to find out whether you have been under or overcharged for your purchase because she speaks faster than you think (LOL).

Do also check out the famous teh at the coffeeshop ahead of the wet market. The tea is brewed with pandan leaves and the aroma is so good, it is hard to resist a cup when you are in the vicinity.



5. Pasir Ris has an amazing place for kite-flying

Kite Flying at Pasir Ris Farmway
Kite Flying at Pasir Ris Farmway


For years, Pasir Ris Farmway has been a safe haven for many homeless animals but these fluffy animals have since “migrated” to a purpose built-facility named “The Animal Lodge” in Sungei Tengah.


This area, however, remains a popular hotspot for avid cyclists, model airplane hobbyists and even kite flyers who enjoy seeing their colourful kites dance with the wind in the clear and boundless sky.

Singapore is sure running out of space for such recreational activities so do enjoy the unblocked view at the sprawling field while you can!

In short, Pasir Ris may not be the hippest place in town and the only time you would probably think of travelling to this area is when you are headed to Changi Airport or Jewel but hey, don’t you think that there are some real hidden gems (pun intended) worth uncovering in Pasir Ris?


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