Why take public transport ok, but social gatherings not ok?

Why take public transport ok, but social gatherings not ok?

Ever since we started phase one, I see a lot of people asking, “Oei, why can take public transport to go to work or school but buay sai meet friends and family? KNS siah, why like that? What kind of stupid logic is that?

So early early this week, during the multi-ministry task force’s press conference, Lawrence (macam my friend) got explain lah. But lao niang don’t know you got try to understand a not. But never mind, lao niang explain it to you in Singlish style, you see you want to understand mah?

First hor, you need to understand that social gathering is very different leh.

When you meet your family or friends you never see for very long, you will xiao excited right? You take out your mask, then will hug hug and take selfie with each other because very long never meet.

Then you will sit down and catch up with each other, laugh very loud in each other’s face, gossip and share news you cannot wait to tell each other.

Then you also will buy food and drinks to eat while you catch up. You will share food. Take one sip of the bubble tea then pass one round, because good things must share and you want everybody to try try, tio bo?

Or you sing KTV at home, you pass the microphone around with everybody’s saliva around. Or you play mahjong and excitedly shout “PONG!” with your saliva fly on your friends’ face.

And before you know it, one whole day gone like that.

Then imagine if someone asymptomatic kena COVID-19 but don’t know and was at the gathering then GG good game siah, EVERYONE including your dog or cat or hamster also tio infected you know? Your ah gong, ah ma, lao peh, lao bu, ho peng you etc ALL tio.

You want meh? No right?

But when you take public transport is different lah. You will wear your mask, you won’t go and hug or hehe-haha talk to the strangers you see on the train or bus right? You won’t share food and drinks with them also because cannot eat or drink on public transport unless you want to kena fined.

You will faster go wash or disinfect your hands because don’t know the handrails who go hold before that, don’t know got people orh pi sai and anyhow wipe on it or not.

You also won’t stay too long on the bus or train, because when you reach your stop you also will alight and move on. The time you spend on public transport will be a lot shorter than the time you spend at social gatherings. You will nua, chill and relax with your family and friends for a longer time.

And hor, don’t forget the public transport workers will clean the trains and buses every day. But you will clean your house every day meh? Don’t bluff lah.

Aiya, lao niang also stay at home until want to turn mouldy liao, not only you ok. So, tolong lah, let’s all do our part and don’t play cheat liao leh. Then we can faster get out of this got lift macam never lift circuit breaker. Sibei sian one leh.

P.S: Got people thought lao niang is premium lian. OMG, no please. Can’t you all tell lao niang more chio???

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