TraceTogether token: OMG IS IT GAHMEN WANT SPY ME?

TraceTogether token: OMG IS IT GAHMEN WANT SPY ME?

Calm your tits ah, people. Before you all start tilting over the TraceTogether token and want to go sign simi lame and useless petition, please ah, don’t be joke and relax first ok.

Vivian say liao – Sorry ah, not this Vivian 👇🏻

But this one 👇🏻 Minister Vivian Balakrishnan lah.

So, right this Vivian say hor the TraceTogether token is:

  • NOT a tracking device
  • got NO GPS chip
  • the data will be stored securely in the device
  • the data WILL NEVER leave the device

But got the TraceTogether app liao mah, still not enough meh?

The reason why we must have this TraceTogether token because not everyone got smartphone. Even if got a smartphone, what if the smartphone not so smart and laoya? Then the app maybe cannot work properly on those smartphones liao wor. Also cannot guarantee everyone will remember who they come in contact with right? Ask you what you ate for lunch yesterday maybe you also cannot remember.

So bo bian, for these reasons, have to give everyone the same device lor.

Don’t need to 自作多情 (ownself go and imagine) that the token is to track where you go, what you doing, who you with lah. The token also don’t have internet or any form of connectivity. It will only capture the Bluetooth proximity data. Eh, if the device got so many function, you think so good give you for free meh?

And hor, the data store inside for 25 days niah, after that will kena deleted liao.

Remember last time a lot of people freak out ask why still got so many unlink cases right? Tio lor, the purpose of this TraceTogether token is to find out who got come in contact with COVID-19 patients before and fasterly identify them and isolate them in case they pa-pa-zao and spread to other people.

If you no like to read, then you see this comic bah:


Actually, lao niang don’t know why got people so scared of this token leh.

Is it you want to go and steal your neighbour’s underwear? No right? So ya lor, if you never do anything wrong, why you need to feel scared leh?

Just wear the token when you go out lah. If you really don’t want to wear, then you stay at home lor. You are encouraged to stay at home as much as you can anyway.

You also don’t want to have any more case liao already right? Then cooperate bah. Don’t think you snowflake.

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