Hard truths about COVID-19 & Resilience Budget


COVID-19 Resilience Budget

I know many Singaporeans are very frustrated and annoyed by the whole COVID-19 situation. Some people also still very bue song with what the Gahmen is currently doing – even though Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat already said on 26 March 2020 that the Gahmen got the Resilience Budget to help Singaporeans.

So, in this article, we are going to answer some of your burning questions regarding COVID-19 and the Resilience Budget.

Why Gahmen cannot give out money to us immediately? We want it now!

Some of the packages from the Resilience Budget cannot be disbursed immediately because need to plan out how to give out the money mah. It’s like when you go draw money from ATM, you also need to queue right?

Some more this time is give out A LOT of money to A LOT of people leh. You also want to make sure you get the money and correct amount, right? So ya lor, relax and chill a bit. You will get it one lah.

Why cannot let us withdraw our CPF money? CPF is OUR money!

Why you want to take out your CPF money, and not take the Resilience Budget handouts from Gahmen first leh?

Take out CPF money will lose your interest leh. If you want to take out CPF money, you really are a bad investor sia. So, do yourself a favour and remember this: Don’t ever become an investor. Repeat this three times because very important.

Not all Singaporeans living in Executive Condominiums or Condominiums are rich hor, why Gahmen no help me?

Yes, I agree that not everyone who lives in EC or Condos are rich. Then if you cannot comfortably afford it then downgrade lor? If you cannot afford it liao but still want to stay in EC or Condo then your judgment really really sibei no good.

Don’t act rich.

Walao, self-employed persons only get $1,000 a month where got enough? Might as well don’t give!

The $1,000 a month under the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme is not meant to substitute your salary leh. It is also not for you to sustain your lifestyle one. It is for you to tide over the COVID-19 pandemic, for you to get your daily needs, your basic needs.

No money then you cut down on your unnecessary expenses lor. Eat cheaper, don’t drink bubble tea!

Why still haven’t DORSCON RED?

Why you want DORSCON red to happen leh? You toilet paper supplier ah?

Why still haven’t shut down schools yet?

Then what will happen to those children whose parents cannot afford helpers or cannot have the luxury of staying at home to take care of their children? Not everyone has help, not everyone can afford that extra help.

If you don’t want your children to be in school then just keep them at home lah. Why you need the Gahmen to impose the closure just for you? No need one ah.

Why still haven’t implement lockdown yet?

Hmm? You know that you don’t need a lockdown order to stay at home right? You can stay at home for as long as you want to, for as long as you can afford to.

Why still got so many unlinked cases? What is the Gahmen doing?

Go and ask the Covidiots.

If you don’t know who, come I tell you. They are the ones who went for the last party at bars and clubs, they are the ones who still go and work despite being unwell, they are the ones who still choose to travel for leisure, they are the ones who spit in public, they are the ones who refuse to serve their stay-home notice (still go out and eat bak kut teh), they are the ones who still invite their friends over for gathering when they are serving their stay-home notice, they are the ones who don’t adhere to the social distancing rules, they are the ones who refuse to let their employees telecommute.


Why Gahmen release the electoral boundaries report call now? Is it because general election coming?

In case you didn’t know, the electoral boundaries report took months to prepare one ah. Way before the COVID-19 outbreak. Why they cannot release it when they are done leh?

It’s like after you finish your exam paper, you will wait until your classmates finish meh? No right? You also will submit and go home first mah.

Aiya, election is once in every 5 years leh. So it’s about time liao what, you don’t know meh?

WHAT?! How can hold election during COVID-19? So irresponsible and dangerous!

Say real one, since you don’t like the current Gahmen, feel that they not good at handling crisis and that someone else can do a better job, then isn’t having a sooner election the better? Like that you can vote the current one out and let the new Gahmen take over. You got nothing to lose…?

At most you lose is also lose the whole Resilience Package nia.

I know after this post confirm will got a lot of people very tilted and say I IB one. But aiyo, you want to be angry and scold Gahmen also need to be logical and make sense mah, tio bo?

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If you’d like to contribute your story to us, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it.

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