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It’s a fact that we feel the need to stay connected everywhere we go in today’s digitalized world. It will be a total nightmare if we are disconnected while travelling, even just for a bit. (Just take a look at the recent outage when Facebook, Instagram and, Whatsapp are down.)

Even if you do not dwell on such apps, a good WiFi connection can be handy when you need access to Google Maps. I am pretty sure you will not want to waste a single bit of your holiday getting lost in a foreign country, right?

Unlimited data, Affordable & Good (Best network is guaranteed)

“I’m travelling alone, why would I need a WiFi device when I can purchase SIM cards or activate my telco’s roaming services?” You may ask. It is a valid point but, most SIM providers has partnerships with a preferred local network provider. What this means is that in some areas, the reception can be exceptionally weak.

For instance, when travelling in Malaysia, you might be connected to Maxis. However, the network for their preferred partner may not be optimal in certain areas if you realize. Sometimes, it is like travelling with NO connection!

With the WiFi device that Ready To Travel provides is telco agnostic. It will automatically switch to the best network available ANYWHERE. You certainly will not suffer the wrath of your partners, if you know what I mean.

Say goodbye to expensive roaming bills when you can have unlimited data coverage over multiple countries as low as $5 a day. Yes, you did not read wrongly. FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS FOR UNLIMITED DATA!! The WiFi device can accommodate up to five users. That’s $1 per person if you are travelling as a group of five!


Wide Coverage

Good news for those like me who really make use of their holiday and travel to multiple countries. Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi offers multi city access and has coverage in over 130 countries. Just by signing the North East Asia plan, I get to stay connected even when I am travelling from Japan to South Korea.

Promo Code: WIFI30 (30% off for countries in North East Asia, North Asia and South East Asia 8)

Promo Code: WIFI20 (20% off for North America, Europe and Oceania packages)


There are many other plans available, so don’t fret about finding coverage for your destination unless you decide to take a visit to North Korea. Well, if that’s the case, I’m sorry, I do not have any recommendations.

With Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi, I have one less thing to worry about when I am planning for a vacation. Having tried several other WiFi devices, this is indisputably the best WiFi service provider. It’s convenient, it’s cheap, and it has extensive data coverage in multiple countries. What more can you ask? Start planning your holidays with Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi today.

Free Delivery & Return

You can agree that it’s a total hassle to travel to a particular location just to collect the WiFi device. What’s worse, the long queue. Sometimes, it just slipped your mind, and you only realize it when you stepped into the immigration.

With Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi, you have one less thing to worry. No matter where you are or what you are doing, Ready To Travel will get the device to you for FREE! You can even schedule the delivery or pick-up at your own convenience!


PSST… One last thing, DBS card holder also enjoys an additional 5% discount (DBSWIFI35, DBSWIFI25). Simply use the promo codes as mentioned! To find out more, you can visit their website for more information.

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