Uncles seen gathering in group size of more than 2 at Chinatown Complex after reopening

Uncles seen gathering in group size of more than 2 at Chinatown Complex after reopening

It has been two weeks since Chinatown Complex resumed its operation following a closure of 3½ days.

The complex, which houses 700 stalls, was closed from 12 September to 15 September for cleaning and disinfection after 66 Covid-19 cases were linked to a cluster there.

According to Shin Min Daily News, since it’s reopening, more than 10 uncles have gathered to drink at night. At one point, as many as seven people were seen sitting around a table.

When the reporter advised the group that it is against the current guidelines on social gatherings, one of the uncles retorted, “We want to coexist with the virus!”

Since it was reopened on 16 September, Shin Min Daily News reported that only a few stalls were open at night. The reporter visited the complex on 28 September at about 8:30pm and witnessed uncles gathering illegally for drinking. There were about four or five tables, and each table had three, four or more people sitting around and drinking.

Some uncles were also seen not wearing their masks, not maintaining a safe distance, and were playing music loudly. These uncles were not talking to other people. Reportedly, at one point, there were seven people sitting around a table too.

When the reporter stepped forward to inquire, they immediately dispersed and denied that there were many people sitting around the table and told the reporter that “everyone was drunk”.

Please ah please, our hospitals and healthcare workers are so overwhelmed liao. Don’t want to stay at home never mind, but the least these uncles could do is to adhere to the Safe Management Measures, and not add more workload to the healthcare workers liao.

Be socially responsible leh, tsk!

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