Everything you need to know from PM Lee’s speech on current COVID-19 situation and our path to new normal

Everything you need to know from PM Lee’s speech on current COVID-19 situation and our path to new normal

Missed PM Lee’s speech this afternoon because you were out having brunch or too excited over the vaccinated travel lane (VTL) to South Korea announcement which was announced yesterday? Not to worry, we got it covered for you.

But since his speech is somewhat xiao long because he is Hsien Loong, so, we will just be zooming into the 10 most important things that your brains can and need to register.

1. Situation changed, so the original “Zero COVID” approach must also change

Singapore’s original approach was a zero-COVID-19 strategy. Which was why the Gahmen imposed sibei strict restrictions because the plan was to bring down the number of cases since there were no vaccinations at that point in time.

But when Singapore managed to secure vaccine supplies, everything also changed liao.

Data have clearly shown that vaccination sharply reduces the risk of serious illness, and with Singapore being one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world, COVID-19 also become a not-so-dangerous for most of us liao.

In other words, Singapore also no need to stick to the “Zero COVID” approach anymore.

2. Emergence of Delta variant also changed the game

Because 世事难料 (life is full of uncertainties), who would have expected that COVID-19 also will upgrade itself leh? The emergence of Delta variant also changed the game machiam playing Squid Game.

Even with all the lockdown measures lah, the tightening of Safe Management Measures (SMM) also not much use liao because the virus will still spread faster than people spread fake news as soon as Singapore opens up.

Therefore, even if the majority of us have been vaccinated, we are still at some risk of getting infected because the majority of us have never kena an infection before. This makes us all have low immunity to the virus. Hence, we must heart inside prepare that we will continue to see quite many COVID-19 cases for some time to come.

3. Singapore CANNOT stay locked down and closed off indefinitely

 If Singapore were to remain closed forever, not only we cannot resume our social activities and revive the economy, a lot of people will also lose their jobs because businesses will become affected.

Children will also be deprived of proper childhood and school life when they cannot interact with their friends.

More importantly, a lot of people will go ki-siao. You don’t mind, lao niang mind ok?

4. Restrictions were tightened again to save our healthcare system and healthcare workers

PM Lee also understands and acknowledged Singaporeans’ frustrations over the tightening of restrictions, but he said that it was necessary because the number of cases jibaboomz, (no) thanks to the Delta variant – which was unexpected lah. As a result, the hospitals also become very overwhelmed.

Bo bian, the Gahmen have to tighten the restrictions again to slow down the growth in cases, so that we can ease the burden on our healthcare workers and stabilise our healthcare system. If not the healthcare workers sibei cham leh, must work and work. Hello they are not machines leh. They are human. Let them breathe a bit.

We must protect our healthcare system and healthcare workers at all costs.

5. We need to start to learn how to live with COVID-19

Since most of us are now vaccinated (and protected), PM Lee urged Singaporeans to ai zai and don’t be too scared of COVID-19.

He also encourages Singaporeans to go continue with our daily activities as normally as possible, but must take necessary precautions and complying with SMMs ah!

6. Home Recovery will become the norm

With vaccinations, COVID-19 has become a treatable disease with mild symptoms for most of us and we can ownself recover by ourselves at home machiam when we kena flu. Hence, the Home Recovery programme.

If most of us can ownself recover at home, this would also free up a lot of beds and resources for COVID-19 patients who need them badly – like the ah gong ah mas and the vulnerable people with more underlying medical conditions that need more medical care.

7. Gahmen screwed up the Home Recovery Programme but they are fixing it liao

PM Lee also admitted that the Home Recovery Programme got cock up when the Gahmen first rolled out. But he said that they are working hard to have it fixed liao.

He also assured Singaporeans that there won’t be very chimelogical flow charts or sibei luan health protocols anymore. Instructions on what to do if someone kena COVID-19, or if you come in close contact with people who are infected will be clearer moving forward.

8. Everyone on Home Recovery will get the care and support needed

To those who still have concerns and anxieties about Home Recovery, PM said that everyone on Home Recovery will receive the care and support they need.

And if at any point, if someone needs to be admitted to a hospital or a COVID-19 treatment facility, the Gahmen will “get you there”.

9. Elderly at higher risk – you pa jiam buay?

Elderly, especially those unvaccinated ones, are the ones that are at high risk if they kena COVID-19 said PM Lee.

Nearly all of those who passed away due to COVID-19 in Singapore have been elderly patients with underlying medical conditions, and most of whom are unvaccinated.

As such, PM Lee urges those who are above 60 and have not been vaccinated to FASTER GO PA JIAM (get vaccinated)!

10. New norm looks very far but actually is not very far

This battle with this COVID-19 pandemic is sibei long. And while it may not feel like it, but we’re making “steady progress” towards the new normal, said PM Lee.

When restrictions ease off with just light SMMs in place, cases not so many, hospitals not as xiong, we can go back to doing the things we used to do – that will be our new normal. Slow and steady ok, we will get there carefully and safely, with no one left behind to fend for themselves and with as few casualties as possible along the way.

Having said that, it is not to say after this surge stablises, we won’t see more cases again. If next time got new variants again, Gahmen may have to zam brake again if cases grow too quickly again, because need to protect healthcare system and healthcare workers mah.

BUT don’t you worry. Because PM Lee said that as capacity and processes continue to improve, Singapore will also emerge stronger and become more resilient as we cope with future surges. Learn from experience you know?

Before he concludes his speech, PM Lee urges Singaporeans to continue to stay united and work together so that we can fasterly put the pandemic behind us.

I can do it, you can do it, we can do it!!!

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