All you need to know about Home Recovery in S’pore & what to do if your ART result is positive

All you need to know about Home Recovery in S’pore & what to do if your ART result is positive

As part of Singapore’s transition to a COVID-resilient nation and to ensure that hospital beds to go those who need it most, it has been announced that Home Recovery will now be the default care management model for Covid-19 patients.

From 18 September 2021, Home Recovery will be the default mode of recovery for fully vaccinated individuals, who are:

  • Aged 12 – 69 years old
  • Have mild or no symptoms
  • Have no severe co-morbidities or illness
  • Household members should not include elderly (more than 80 years old) or individuals in the vulnerable group (e.g. pregnant individuals, with weakened immune response or with multiple co-morbidities)
  • Able to self-isolate in a room, preferably with an attached bathroom

According to Ministry of Health (MOH), Home Recovery patients now account for up to 40% of cases every day.

COVID-19 patients will be admitted to hospitals and community care facilities if they are 80 and above, or if they are 70 and above and unvaccinated. Those who have underlying illnesses will also be admitted to hospitals or community care facilities.

If you or people around you suay suay kena COVID-19 and you still got a lot of questions about Home Recovery, mai kan jiong, ai zai ok. Keep calm and continue to read on.

Siao liao! Lim peh kena tested positive on ART test kit, but lim peh got no symptoms leh, how ah?

Ai zai ok. Take a deep breath first and then go and isolate yourself.

If you don’t have any symptoms but your ART kit shows you are positive, mai kan jiong and no need to chiong down to the hospital to take the Covid-19 test. Just go to the nearest Swab and Send Home clinic to do a Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) swab.

And then isolate yourself at home for 72 hours – can also Netflix and Chill! Then also, please monitor your health and recover safely. Don’t go and papazao and spread the virus to other people ok.

At the end of the 72 hours, go and do another ART test. If it is negative, then gongxi gongxi, means you have recovered from the infection and can slowly go back to lead your normal life.

GGWP, lim peh have been informed that my PCR test for Covid-19 is positive. How ah?

Tio 4D or TOTO also not so accurate right?

But chill ok, you will soon receive an SMS with a link to provide your details, to start your Home Recovery safely. If your house got a lot of people and it is not suitable for your to self-isolate, no need to worry also because MOH will make the arrangements for you to recover at a community care facility or hospital.

Lim peh wait until 花儿也谢了 (flower wilted) but nobody contacted me yet to ask lim peh to start home recovery or to recover at CCF leh? What should lim peh do ah?

Continue to wait!

Because now got surge in cases, so need to understand that there will be delays lor.

Ministry of Health say liao, they are currently streamlining their operations and will get to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime hor, please isolate yourself in a room in your home, preferably with an attached toilet and tolong ah, wear a mask if you have to come out of the room. Don’t mingle with others.

You will receive an SMS providing more information on what you should do during Home Recovery one lah. Just wait a while. And try not to call quarantine hotline, MOH hotline, QSM hotline etc because this will only make things worse by further jamming up their system.

Also hor, please ask your household members to register themselves as close contacts at for their Quarantine Orders also.

You will be issued an Isolation Order for 10 days.

If lim peh suddenly develop symptoms during my Home Recovery, how ah?

If suddenly you don’t feel well and experience worsening of symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, muscle ache or tiredness or diarrhoea, you can call your designated telemedicine provider.

Lim peh house don’t have Oximeter leh, can give lim peh one?

A Home Recovery buddy will be assigned to you during your Home Recovery period. You can call your Home Recover buddy and request for a home care pack to be sent to you, which will include an oximeter.

Lim peh don’t have enough ART test kits liao leh. How to get more of these ART test kits ah?

Good news is, there is no need to poke yourself with the ART tests if you are on Home Recovery.

But for those under Quarantine Order, ART kits will be given to you when you go through your quarantine entry swab at the clinic or test centre.

While there is sufficient nationwide stock of ART kits, but still need a few days for the stock to be distributed to the various shops. So just wait for a few days before going back to the shops to check again loh. Or if you have nice friends or relatives, ask them to help you buy and send to you lah.

If lim peh’s whole family cannot go out, how to buy food, groceries or medical supplies sia?

Order online and get them delivered to your home lor. If not, if you have nice friends or relatives, ask them to help you buy and send to you lah

If you need medical supplies, you can access the 24/7 telemedicine service. The medication will be sent to you. Very convenient one!

When can lim peh be finally discharged from Home Recovery?

If you are feeling well, you will be discharged on Day 10 of illness. No need to take further PCR tests liao because vaccinated individuals are extremely unlikely to be infectious by this time.

But if you feel like you need more time to rest, you may request for a Medical Certificate of up to 7 days from your designated telemedicine provider.


Yah lah, now the situation of our healthcare system like a bit luan and overwhelmed because of the surge of cases.

If we can, we just do our part and help the situation a bit. If can don’t go out, just don’t go out loh, Help our poor healthcare workers a bit, give them a bit of breather don’t give them more dai ji or work liao lah.

This is another crisis we need to overcome together as a country, each of us can and must do our part. If you have friends and family who are affected, give them support and cheer them on.

Jia you bah, everyone.

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