Unvaccinated people start petition to ask Gahmen to let them into malls, a counter-petition later appear

Unvaccinated people start petition to ask Gahmen to let them into malls, a counter-petition later appear

Last Saturday (9 October), the multi-ministerial task force (MTF) announced that from 13 October onwards, individuals who are not fully vaccinated will not be allowed entry into malls, large standalone stores, attractions, hawker centres, and coffee shops.

This announcement came after food-and-beverage (F&B) settings such as hawker centres, retail establishments, and shopping centres have been identified as settings frequently visited by a significant proportion of Covid-19-positive cases, including those who are unvaccinated, who later on “fell very sick”.

So, to protect these unvaccinated people from kena-ing COVID-19 and become sibei sick after that, the Gahmen decided to ban dining-in at hawker centres, entry to shopping malls for people who are unvaccinated for the time being.

But of course, there are some exceptions lah. Supermarkets that are large standalone stores are exempted. Children aged 12 years and below, recovered Covid-19 patients, and unvaccinated individuals with a valid negative pre-event test result are also exempted from the new restrictions.

Unvaccinated individual buay song, start a petition

This new restriction has angered some anti-vaxxers, until one person, going by the handle of Mel Ong, decide to start a petition calling on the government to allow them into malls.

In the petition, Mel Ong demanded that the unvaccinated in Singapore should be allowed into shopping centres because “most goods and services are concentrated in malls to maximise space usage”. She also argued that unvaccinated people should not be denied essential goods and services for themselves and their families.

According to sources, the petition had garnered almost 6,000 signatures in just two days. But hor, for some reason, the petition has been removed and cannot be found on Change.org liao.

Vaccinated people started another petition to “counter” the petition

In response to the petition, a counter-petition was started to demand that unvaccinated people in Singapore should be denied entry into malls.

The petition titled, “Don’t Allow Unvaccinated people to enter Malls in Singapore!” argued that people who are unvaccinated by choice are a danger to themselves and the elderly and immune-compromised individuals.

It also demanded that going to shopping malls is “NOT a basic right”, highlighting that individuals can still get healthcare from non-mall clinics, and groceries from non-mall supermarkets. They can also basically get anything online.

The petition also demanded that when more than 82% of the population has protected themselves and others through getting vaccinated, the remaining individuals who are not vaccinated by choice “should not be pandered to”.

What do you think of this issue ah? Should the majority of Singapore who got vaccinated give in to the demands of the unvaccinated people, when the purpose of this move is to protect the unvaccinated people and to ensure their safety?

Say real one lah, the latest restriction of banning unvaccinated individual is xiao extreme, but what else to do ah?

Scientifically, it has been proven that individuals who have not been fully vaccinated have a higher risk of severe illness leh.

If these unvaccinated people go out pa pa zao and suay-suay tio COVID-19 and mati kiao kiao, who do we blame? Be reasonable a bit lah. Nobody is having it easy ah.

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