Things you must know about the National Day Rally 2022, other than the repeal of 377A


Missed the National Day Rally this year?

Don’t you worry~ Let lao niang give you a quick summary of what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his National Day Rally speech so that you can act smart and sound like you very got 墨水 (depth) when your friends want to discuss about 国家大事 (country big news) with you!

The whole speech was about 1-and-a-half hour long, but here are the only five things you need to know.

1. Mask-wearing to be optional indoors

Except when on public transport and healthcare settings, like clinics and hospitals, then mask-wearing will be required.  Other than that hor, everywhere else, be it outdoor or indoors, masks will be optional.

But don’t be too excited and take off your masks first ok. PM Lee said the Government task force on Covid-19 give a more detailed announcement on this soon.

HO SEH AH! Time to buy more make-up and show my beautiful face to the world~

2. Singapore will repeal Section 377A

This should be the biggest news out of this National Day Rally liao bah.

In his National Day Rally speech, PM Lee said that the government will repeal 377A and decriminalize sex between men. This means that when two consenting adult men hei-sio hei-sio in a private setting, it will not be a crime and will not raise any law-and-order issue.

However, the PM Lee also said that the government has no intention of changing the definition of marriage and will PROTECT the definition of marriage – currently recognised by law as taking place between one man and one woman – from being challenged constitutionally in the courts.

3. Gahmen will continue with the plans for Changi Terminal 5

In case you didn’t know hor, there was a plan to build Changi Airport’s fifth terminal, aka Terminal 5 (T5) one, But because of Covid-19, the plan was put on hold for two years.

But now that we are bouncing back from Covid-19 liao, PM Lee announced in his speech that the Gahmen will press on with Changi Terminal 5 and also Tuas Port. This will also send a strong and clear signal to the world that Singapore is emerging stronger from the pandemic and charging full steam ahead.

PM Lee also said that with the two years down time, the Gahmen has made good use of this time to improve its design so that it will be more resilient and be able to operate more safely and flexibly during a pandemic.

4. Singapore will continue to attract and retain top foreign talent

In his speech, PM Lee said that Singapore must build our own world-class talent pool here in Singapore. We must do our utmost to develop our own talent, and enable every Singaporean to reach their fullest potential.

To do that, Singapore will need to focus on attracting and retaining top talent, like how we always attract and retain investments – which is the key ingredient to why Singapore is so successful today lah – so that these talents can come here to 传授武功 (transfer knowledge) to our own people.

In other words, Singapore wants to make top talent everywhere sit up, pay attention and think seriously about coming to Singapore. The MOM, MTI and the economic agencies will soon announce new initiatives to achieve this.

Before you hot and think, “iS iT yOu InViTiNg MoRE fOrEigN TaLeNts hEre?”

Chill ah, heard of the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations? You can go there and voice your concerns and grievances.

Kakak tells you how to seek help if you have workplace problems


Through this one-year-long public engagement exercise, NTUC wants to help enable workers to remain relevant and competitive in the workplace, protect the more vulnerable workers and also give workers the assurance they need as their needs in life evolve. Then later, they will put together a set of recommendations to the Gahmen, for the Gahmen to re-shape the policies for the working people of Singapore.

So hor if you want really got a lot of things to say about this and want to see a CHANGE then this is your chance liao. Don’t say never tell you.

5. Singapore vs the external environment

The world is sibei messy now. This country want to fight that country, that country want to threaten this other country. Aiyo, see liao also sibei sian.

Summary of PM Lee’s sibei chim article on US and China


But no matter under what circumstances, PM Lee said that Singapore will try to avoid being caught up in major power rivalry, we must stand firm on fundamental principles of international law, and work with other countries to uphold a rules-based order. For example, by speaking up at the United Nations. Because if we diam diam keep quiet next time if people bully us, we will kena jia lat jia lat one.

PM Lee also reminds all Singaporeans that we need to stay alert against others who are looking to exploit our vulnerabilities and to influence our people for their own interests, and we must always stay one united people.

*cues Stefanie Sun’s One United People

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