Man who was jailed for cheating 42 people, continues to cheat 10 more women after being released

Man who was jailed for cheating 42 people, continues to cheat 10 more women after being released

A man who was notorious for cheating women of their money and love (you know, 骗财骗色), continues to deceive other women again after being released from jail twice. The man, who obviously did not learn his lessons, later pretended to be a “rich man” and deceived 10 more other women.

According to Zaobao, the man would tell his 17-year-old sweet young thing girlfriend that he will give her $5,000 pocket money every month, and then force her to find friends of her same age to accompany him.

The man 49-year-old man, known as Chen Jinfa, was first reported in 2005.

Back then when Shin Min Daily News first reported about this news, Chen had committed the crime between 2000 and 2004 where he falsely claimed that he was a wealthy businessman.

He lured 28 women between 20 and 49 into bed and defrauded them of more than $120,000. He was sentenced to eight years’ jail at the time.

After being released on parole in September 2009, he continued to cheat women of their money and had sex with them for the next two years. In total, he had defrauded 14 men and women of more than $120,000.

During this period of time, he lied to his victims that he was a financial guru and would hire another person to pick up his victims in a luxury car.

Chen was sentenced to seven years of reformatory imprisonment in February 2013. However, after he was released from prison in February 2020, he committed the crime again in January last year.

This time, 10 women were defrauded of money and their body. He was charged with 20 counts of fraud and criminal intimidation. He has pleaded guilty to eight of them. The remaining charges were handed over to a judge for consideration, and he was sentenced to nine years of reformative imprisonment 19 August (Friday).

According to the facts presented, Chen typically uses online platform called Locanto to look for his prey. He would falsely portray himself to be a rich man on the platform and claims that he wants to find a “sweet girlfriend” and he would give her $5,000 pocket money every month.

Last year on 4 January, a 17-year-old girl who saw his profile contacted him for details. In order to get her to fall into his trap, Chen, who had just lost his cleaning job, lied and told the girl that he’s “rich man working in the financial industry” with a “monthly income of $50,000 to $60,000”. He also told her that he lives “in a condominium”.

Chen would also “flex” to her, saying that he had paid for all his ex-girlfriends’ expenses and would often buy them expensive gifts.

Coincidentally, the girl also needed $20,000 urgently to pay her tuition fees. Hence, she agreed to going to bed with Chen as long as he is willing to pay off her tuition fees for her.

Chen agreed immediately and invited the girl to a hotel and told her that the money would be transferred to her within 48 hours.

Reportedly, the two went to hei-sio hei-sio in a four-star hotel the next day, and before leaving the hotel, Chen claimed that he could only transfer $10,000 to the girl first, and she would receive the rest after 1 week later. He also lied to her that he had promised to lend some money to a friend, so he had to temporarily borrow $400 from the girl.

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