Kakak tells you how to seek help if you have workplace problems

Kakak tells you how to seek help if you have workplace problems

Hello my kengkawans (friends). It has been a while since Kakak last came here to pour her feelings out and impart some wisdom in the process.

Lately, Kakak has been experiencing some problems in the workplace. Problematic colleagues, long working hours, doing things beyond what is expected PLUS having to deal with my beautiful (BUT INFURIATING) kids!

How to find time to write for you all like that? Anyway long story short, Kakak is back 🙂

Because of all these work problems, Kakak has been feeling under the weather. But beyond all that – Kakak has been helping you all find a place to seek help lah. Because I don’t want you to talk to the wall about your problems because got no solution one.

While researching places to find to share my workplace concerns, Kakak found out that the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) (and no, not your pasar ah), just launched the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations. So swee right the timing?

NTUC nak berbual dengan korang (NTUC wants to talk to you)

So this conversations, is basically a year-long engagement exercise for the Labour Movement to hear the views of workers across different ages and sectors.

Through this conversation, they want to understand our workers and help you all put together recommendations so they can convince Government untuk tukar (change) policies.

3 Things Labour Chief Ng Chee Meng wants you to know this National Day


So NTUC memang (already) doing all these things lah. But they want to understand MORE deeply so they champion what kita semua nak (what we all want).

Why Kakak telling you about this is because Kakak feels that instead of complaining to your friend, your mother, your sister or your husband about your workplace concerns, you might as well do it productively. Tell NTUC lah, since they already INVITE you to berbual (talk) to them.

Member kita, NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng pun dah tulis KARANGAN untuk korang (NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng also wrote a letter for the workers of Singapore)

So Kakak dug some more and stalked the NTUC Labour Chief, Ng Chee Meng on Facebook lah. His Facebook post got video, then he JEMPUT (invite) all the working people to come and talk to NTUC and create a future that we all can be proud of together-gether. Gotong royong ah KIRAKAN. (Gotong royong spirit)

His Facebook post here:

Heartwarming gila la uols. Akak touched!

So, after talking and listening to us, what is going to happen?

This conversation is a long one. They will talk and listen to us until end of this year. After talk finish, they will consolidate the findings, then they will go and release a set of recommendations by mid-2023. Why so long? Because they need to understand deeply lah. And also because they need to work with our new 4G leaders and government policymakers as part of Forward Singapore.

They got target ah, 20,000 workers. But can be more. Please lah, do yourselves a favour and go and check it out and participate. You don’t talk how they know about your problems.

Go this link ok. Kakak also going to go and tell NTUC about all of Kakak’s worries and dreams. NTUC will payung (protect) all of us. Sebab dorang memang STEADY!

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