Photographer tries to hit on a chio bu at a funeral parlour, ends up smelling “weird smell” every day before getting into a car accident

Photographer tries to hit on a chio bu at a funeral parlour, ends up smelling “weird smell” every day before getting into a car accident

Hungry Ghost Festival aka the 7th month in the Chinese calendar marks the opening of the Gates of Hell, allowing the spirits of the dead to freely roam in the land of the living for an entire month.

During this one month, your mother will also nag at you and ask you don’t do this and don’t do that. Although sometimes it can be quite annoying hor, but it is better to listen to it lah than try to geh kiang (act smart) and challenge those you cannot see.

According to ETTODAY, one young photographer had a supernatural encounter after taking pictures of the victim of a fatal car accident at a funeral parlour. Reportedly, the photographer was assigned to follow up with the news of a fatal car accident involving a 25-year-old ah sia kia (rich man’s son), whose girlfriend passed away following that unfortunate accident.

While waiting for the prosecutor at the funeral parlour, the photographer went to take a puff at the smoking area.

As he was smoking, the photographer saw a sweet and young chio bu nearby. The chio bu was wearing a dress and staring into space. He then went up to her and asked, “Why are you here? This is not a place a girl like you should come.”

However, the girl did not respond to him.

Just as he was wondering why the chio bu did not respond to him the prosecutor arrived at the funeral parlour, and that was when the photographer stopped the chat and went to retrieve his camera to get back to work.

But what made the photographer even more puzzled was when he saw the girl ahead of him.

Later, the photographer’s teammate found an Instagram photo of the ah sia kia and his girlfriend which he was going to use it to break the news.

The moment when the photographer saw the woman’s face in the photo, his face changed, and he was shocked beyond words. Because the chio bu whom he was trying to hit on just now, was the same person as in the photo.

After wrapping up with work that day, the photographer happened to pass by the same tunnel where that fatal incident took place on his way home.

As soon as he drove past the accident scene, he suddenly felt that someone was sitting in his car although he was alone. After that, he could also smell a “weird smell” in his car every day from then on. He tried to clean his car thoroughly, but he still could not get rid of that “weird smell”.

Sometimes, the photographer would also feel that his passenger seat was slightly sunken as if someone was sitting in it. There was even once he saw a girl staring at him through the window’s reflection!

After a long period of physical and psychological torture, the photographer got into an unfortunate car accident one day. He had to take a one-month break from work and engage a shi-fu to help him solve this “trouble” before he slowly recovered.

So hor, the moral of the story is, DON’T ANYHOW XIAN ZHA BOR!

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