Summary of PM Lee’s sibei chim article on US and China

Summary of PM Lee’s sibei chim article on US and China

Today lao niang’s friend send me another article ask me to read, because is PM Lee write one.

KNS. The last time I read this article written by this Ang Moh zha bor hor, my brain cells all died siol. You know how many days I need to recover from that article or not?

Ok lor, since is PM Lee write one, lao niang give him face. Read read a bit.

Remember last time lao niang say Singapore also got a lot of people with powderful England? Let me tell you, one of them is PM Lee. Wa piangz, lao niang read that article until lao niang want to puke blood. Need to so chim meh? Singlish is so much easier to understand lah! Tio bo?

Since lao niang read liao, let me tell you what the lor sor article is all about, basically is about PM Lee’s take on the US and China’s relationship lah.

Long long ago when police wear short pants, it was United States that helped Asian countries prosper because they allowed free trade.

Singapore also benefitted from this.

Because of this free trade, the Ang Mohs came to Singapore. They set up companies here, bring their technologies and brains and some handsome ang moh men here. They created a lot of jobs for Singaporeans too.

On the other hand, don’t see China quiet quiet, they also slowly down there sharpening their knife. And mai siao siao, suddenly one day they also BOOMZ and show the world that they also become very powderful.

When two countries become very powderful, what they do? Of course is compare and fight to see who more powderful lah, tio bo?

So fight ah fight, see who want to take their sides, see who got more supporters.

Then Singapore also kena arrow and pressurised to see whose side we want to choose.

But we are such a small country and we no resources, no nothing and depend on trades to survive leh. Of course cannot choose side. It’s like somebody ask you, you love your mother more or father more? How to choose leh, you tell me? Your father give you pocket money, your mother cook nice home-cooked food for you. Sibei stress.

So hor, what PM Lee is trying to say in his sibei lor sor and chim powderful england in the article is, Singapore cannot and also don’t want to take sides. Both US and China are very li hai both very good! Both countries should make peace and become friends, work with each other and don’t fight liao.

Cooperate with each other and not draw lines, make love not war.

Because you all fight, we all suffer. You die, we die, everybody die.

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