Ang Moh zhabor bue song ONE auntie take photo of her not wearing mask so she scold Singapore

Ang Moh zhabor bue song ONE auntie take photo of her not wearing mask so she scold Singapore

Lao niang just read this article written by one Ang Moh zhabor on New York Times. Wah piangz, she really make my blood boil sia!!!

This Ang Moh zhabor use her very powderful England to write one long long article to scold Singapore when she is staying here leh!

To save your time from reading, here are the things she wrote which made lao niang sibei tilt:

  • Gahmen only ask Singaporeans to wash hands with soap, stay at home and wear mask when sick during the early stage of COVID-19.
  • Singapore don’t have human rights
  • Singapore cannot have gay sex
  • In Singapore cannot be drug dealer
  • In Singapore cannot vandalise
  • In Singapore cannot molest people
  • Singapore got a lot of security cameras
  • Singapore don’t care about the foreign workers and we divide them from us
  • Bue song Singapore will fine and punish people who break pandemic rules
  • Bue song Singapore made everyone wear mask when going out

Lao niang read until the end then I know she write this sibei long article to complain about how much she don’t like Singapore is because she kena KPKB and kena take photo by one auntie for not wearing her mask!

Come I clap for you !

This Ang Moh zhabor, so small gas and so unprofessional. Just because you journalist, then you use your power to scold the whole of Singapore all because of this ONE auntie who scolded you because you no wear mask ah?

Firstly hor, at the early early stage, we don’t have community spread yet, and our masks supply is so limited, of course shouldn’t anyhowly waste the mask right? And it’s not like ask you NO NO NO, YOU CANNOT WEAR MASK! You want to wear, you wear lah! Got people stop you meh?

Then hor Singapore don’t have human rights, cannot have gay sex, cannot be drug dealer, cannot vandalise and cannot molest people – all these your home country USA can ah? Then why not you go back leh?

Put security camera also cannot? The security camera got spy you meh? Got film you when you orh pi sai at home meh?

Say we don’t care about the foreign workers that’s why they tio infected. But why you never write about how we provide them with accommodation, free food, free WIFI and free medical care? Why you so biased in your reporting ah?

Later when Singapore make it mandatory to wear mask liao you want to complain again. What you want ah? Situation has changed. Virus become more widespread. You angmoh journalist you so smart but this kind of simple logic you also don’t know meh? Ask you wear mask when going out is because you don’t know now who outside got the virus now. Ask you wear mask when going out is to protect yourself and to protect others leh. It’s like you go out also wear clothes right? If not you kena film by camera and, you cannot assume everyone like their eyes to be polluted mah, right?

KNS sia, this Ang Moh zhabor, stay here for 2 years nia then talk macam she understand Singapore very well like that. Eh, you so free to bad mouth about how Singapore is dealing with the pandemic ah? Then why you never go comment about how your country USA doing? USA very good meh? Settle liao? No case? No people die?

Because of ONE auntie, then macam Singapore owe you a living, you must scold and bad mouth the whole of Singapore.

Apparently hor not only I triggered by this Ang Moh zhabor, look at the number of Singaporeans KPKB her under her tweet:

Yes lah, Singaporean may be kiasu kiasi, but you scold us until like this over one auntie who scold you, you think we will keep quiet, diam diam let you scold?

You think you England powderful means can anyhow scold Singapore ah? Singapore also got a lot of people with powderful England ok?

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