Man, claiming to be migrant worker, now KPKB after his work permit expired & refuses to leave Singapore

Man, claiming to be migrant worker, now KPKB after his work permit expired & refuses to leave Singapore

A man, claiming to be a migrant worker, has taken to a Facebook post to cry father cry mother that his work permit has expired and could not be renewed.

In his almost 1,200 word sibei long post, which was written in perfect powderful England – even better than lao niang’s England hor, the man known as Amrakajona Zakir, basically is complaining and foul crying that his work permit expired liao, but the authorities don’t want to renew for him lah.

He also went on to mention how much contributions he has made in Singapore, how much he loves Singapore, but is he asked to leave Singapore in the end.

Dude, you are foreigner leh, if a country doesn’t want to let you continue staying, just MAN UP, pack your bag and leave lah. Don’t behave like a 恐怖情人/ psychotic ex-boyfriend who die die don’t want to leave when your partner asks for a break up leh wei.

Come lah, lao niang give you some advice – free one ok.

Your England so powderful, work as Migrant Worker a bit sayang leh. Maybe you can find another job else where? The pay confirm better than migrant worker bah! No need to work until so 辛苦 so qi-cham some more.

But say real one, I see your Facebook hor, wah you REALLY don’t look like a migrant worker leh! 👍🏻 Tia gong you also don’t stay at the dorm together with the migrant workers ah! So special leh you.

Although lao niang don’t know why your work permit didn’t get renewed and it is quite sad that you cannot stay in Singapore liao, but lao niang also want to remind you that working in Singapore is NOT an entitlement for foreigner leh. If like that every foreigner who works in Singapore also SO LOVE Singapore, is it they cry father cry mother a bit, say they contribute to Singapore a lot, we must let them ALL stay meh? Don’t make sense right.

When you are here to work, of course as a host, Singapore has the responsibility to protect foreign workers who are working here.

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Remember that time COVID-19 outbreak? Singapore didn’t leave the migrant workers to die leh. Still got accommodation, free food (hearsay got dessert some more), free WIFI, and free world class medical care some more. In return, the migrant workers also thanked the Gahmen for taking care of them! So 温暖 (warm)!

But hor when it’s time to leave, just go bah~ Don’t overstay your welcome. Respect the country’s decision mah.

Ok lah, say real one. How about this, one LAST advice for you. Maybe every night before you go to sleep, you pray harder a bit? Ask God to let you 投胎转世 (reincarnate) and become a Singapore Citizen in your next life!

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