Female food delivery rider allegedly kena punched by another male delivery rider after she “Oei” him

Female food delivery rider allegedly kena punched by another male delivery rider after she “Oei” him

A female food delivery rider was unhappy that she almost got hit by another delivery rider, so she “oei” at him.

But in the end, that “oei” got her into trouble. According to her, she was hit at least 5 times within 2 minutes in the face by the other food delivery rider, causing her face to bruise and her teeth to crack.

This incident took place near 36 Chai Chee Avenue at around 7pm yesterday, reported Zaobao.

The 47-year-old female food delivery rider said that the incident happened after collecting the food meant to be delivered. At that time, she was about to set off to deliver the food to a nearby block.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News this morning, the female food delivery rider told the reporter that she was about to enter the open space carpark of Block 36 at that time when another male food delivery rider, who was also riding an electric bicycle, rode towards her from her right in a very fast speed.

“He almost bumped into me, so I subconsciously said “oei” to him. I couldn’t hear what he said to me after that, so I went on to deliver the food,” she said. After completing her food delivery, which was about three minutes later, she went downstairs and saw the man waiting for her downstairs.

“He asked me ferociously, “Oei what oei!” and before I could explain myself, he punched me in the left cheek.”

She described the man to be at least half a head taller than her. After punching her at least five times in a row, he left without saying a word.

“I fell to the ground. Although I wanted to fight back but I couldn’t hit him at all.”

She took some time to recover before calling the police and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The police confirmed that they had received a report of an incident of assault. According to a police spokesperson, the woman was taken to the hospital conscious, and an investigation is ongoing.

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