Eh, how much more Gahmen need to do huh? Build them castle meh?

Eh, how much more Gahmen need to do huh? Build them castle meh?


Limpeh yesterday saw a video and post about this person’s fren who is ex-nurse helping the foreign workers at the community isolation facility. Damn triggered.

Halo. Gahmen free this, free that, until they don’t want to get well? The poor nurse still work no pay, still got to tahan her pee.

And then you hear all these simi human right activists kpkb Gahmen must do better, do more, cannot give fish, must give curry.

Got accommodation, free food (hearsay got dessert somemore), free WIFI, and free worldclass medical care cannot show that the Gahman is taking good care of the migrant workers, how much more Singapore needs to do huh? Build them castle ah? Don’t 得寸进尺leh.

Singapore can only do so much to provide for these migrant workers leh. Prease, it’s time that they start doing their part and practise good personal hygiene and don’t waste the efforts of our healthcare workers! Liddat limpeh ownself room lupsup, kena allergy I also can blame Gahmen lah?

Also ah, to employers of these foreign workers, can we live with less foreign workers? You all study a lot mah, find better way to cut down on labour lah! Don’t everything wait for Gahmen to solve, prease.


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