Desmond Tan appointed as NTUC deputy secretary-general (DSG AKA DA SHUAI GE)

Desmond Tan appointed as NTUC deputy secretary-general (DSG AKA DA SHUAI GE)

It’s been so happening at NTUC recently sia!

Firstly hor, just one week ago, the Labour Chief dropped a 30-second short video on his Facebook page.


Tia gong they want to launch a sibei dua zong (big scale) engagement session with workers from all walks of life, to understand their needs and aspirations in order to be able to help and serve the workers better.

Then hor, earlier this week, our future Prime Minister Lawrence Wong 微服出巡 and went to NTUC (not the supermarket ah), where he launched the ‘Forward Singapore’ exercise.


In case you don’t know hor, this ‘Forward Singapore’ exercise is also to engage the public, to gather views from the public so togetherly we can all shape the policies and 共创未来, create a better future for Singapore together you know! Wow like so 热血 and passion sia, lao niang like!

But hor amidst all these happening stuff, yesterday’s news is most exciting to lao niang liao until my ovaries almost exploded 😍😍😍

According to news report hor, tia gong our Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Desmond Tan was appointed as the deputy secretary-general of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) leh!

Ok lah, their acronym DSG stands for deputy secretary-general but lao niang prefers to think of it as DA SHUAI GE. Desmond Tan, lao niang 喜欢!

You know how the South Koreans like to 国民 this 国民 that – Like IU is their 国民妹妹 (Nation’s Little Sister). WE ALSO HAVE! We have (陈)国明大帅哥.

国民大帅哥 (Nation’s heartthrob) – Geddit geddit???

Does this mean if lao niang go loiter outside the NTUC building I can see him??? I think got chance leh.


Because hor, although he will relinquish his posts as Minister of State for Home Affairs, and Sustainability and the Environment hor it doesn’t mean he will become freer to hold fan meetings with fan girls like me since now he will also become the group director of the NTUC Training and Transformation Group and will oversee the NTUC’s Transformation Office and the NTUC Training & Placement ecosystem.

Tia gong this ecosystem comprises the Industry Training & Transformation Division, NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute, NTUC LearningHub, and the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute.

NTUC also added that the Singapore Industrial and Services Employees’ Union has also appointed DSG Desmond Tan as adviser from June 28. It has also appointed him as executive secretary of the union, which will take effect from July 6.

On top of these positions, this NTUC’s DSG (DA SHUAI GE) is also the adviser of the Supply Chain Employees’ Union since Feb 5, 2021.

Wei wei wei, don’t overwork him ah NTUC. If not lao niang report you to Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) ah!

Although this will be quite funny – ownself kena reported for overworking own employee.

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