#Laoniangwalktheground: Few things we can learn from the Ivan Lim saga

#Laoniangwalktheground: Few things we can learn from the Ivan Lim saga

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have known by now that the 焦点人物, the most famous person in town Ivan Lim has withdrawn from the General Election 2020.

Since he withdraw liao, think we don’t need to talk about him liao. But amidst the drama hor, lao niang think there are a few things that we can also learn from this episode:

  1. Don’t be a prick – because you never know if you will run in general election or not
  2. Remember to be nice to people around you
  3. SMILE AT YOUR FREAKING NEIGHBOURS – whether you happy, sad, angry, or scared also must smile big big

Here’s a shoutout to Ivan Lim: If you decide to 隐姓埋名 and start afresh go look for a new job, remember to look for the satellite career centres ok? Newly set up one. Can help you to find the most suitable career pathway based on your needs – maybe can find those that no need to be friendly with people one.

All the best to you – the drama was quite entertaining lah. Makes GE interesting at least!

Shortly after Ivan said goodbye to GE2020, got this zha bor post also suddenly start circulating.

FOR GOODNESS SACK! Semo sack? You kena sack ah?

Is it people feel shiok shiok after they bring down Ivan Lim and looking for another target ah?

But this one is issue small like pisai leh, zha bor?

Anyway this Shawn come out and explain liao.

End up is this zha bor refused to give him a packet of rice because his name not in her list. So he bo bian went elsewhere to look for his own food. But suddenly don’t know why they decide to give him a packet of rice again but he already jiak pa already? So he went back to return the rice?

Like that also need to dedicate one post to smear him meh? Is it you like him but he reject you so you want revenge ah?

This zha bor has since deleted her post liao though. Zha bor ah zha bor, if you think what you said about this Shawn is correct then no need delete the post lei. Is it now you also suddenly realise your accusations about him also xiao lame and make you look like you very small gas?

Then tia gong now got people want to stir his name because he is of Indonesian Chinese descent? Bo liao lei. All these are really small pisai issue lei. What if this is PAP’s tactic to confuse you, make you luan so you won’t pay attention to what is their manifesto?

Say real one, got time to stir shit but you all know what each party de manifesto is a not? You know what each party promise to do to Singapore and Singaporeans mah? Voting not like tikam-tikam, you vote and try try. It’s for our future leh.

Don’t know never mind, lao niang give you Singlish version.

PAP’s Manifesto

This PAP one hor the PDF version is one mother long sia. But here are basically what they said that you need to know:

“Tio lah, Year 2020 is a suay year.

You see what this COVID-19 has done to the world – not just Singapore.

This virus is so universal until everyone also tio affected by it.

Don’t care you rich or poor, you yandao or chiobu, you speak English or Singlish.

But don’t need to scared. Because this is not the first time Singapore kena challenged. We have been through the financial crisis and the SARS pandemic together. But we overcame them together, you remember mah?

So this COVID-19 will also be the same.

Steady, ai zai. Don’t scared. We will brave through this together. As your Jeng Hu for so many years, what big wind big wave we never see before?

We won’t leave anybody behind one ok. Don’t care when and how, your health and safety will always be the number one most important thing on our list.

If you need a job, we will also help you to find one.

We will help everybody tide through this difficult period.

For those who need more help, we will give you more help.

Got lives, Got Jobs, then Got Future.”

WP’s Manifesto

Coming soon. Also another one that is mother long. Lao niang need to digest first.

Desmond Tan, lao niang 喜欢!

Before I end this post, lao niang just want to say this sentence is good: “For every Ivan Lim, there is a Desmond Tan.”

You see, this reddit thread, everybody praise him until like 天上地上无 like that. Say his character good, takes care of people. He quite yandao also! Lao niang 很可以 leh.

Can come to my ward? 本宫一定翻你的牌子!

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