Characters of Yanxi Palace and their possible careers if they live in modern times

Characters of Yanxi Palace and their possible careers if they live in modern times

The imperial harem in Yanxi Palace is just like a garden full of beautiful flowers – a lot of chio bus. Each of the flowers has its distinct characteristics. But hor, have you ever thought if these concubines of the imperial harem were born in modern times, based on their characteristics, what kind of jobs would they be working as?

Noble Consort Ling aka Wei Ying Luo

If you remember, some time ago we did a bit of analysis on Wei Ying Luo.

We think this zha bor is definitely a striver – the one who gives her best shot at everything she does and everywhere she goes.

Even if she don’t come from a rich family and never graduate from a prestigious school like her other peers, she also won’t self-doubt or think she lousy at all. She is the kind that 输人不输 Seh (lose other people but won’t feel lousy about herself).

She is smart, quick-witted and a keen learner, so we think whatever digital transformation lah, digital disruption lah, anything that comes at her, she will take it like a man and quickly learn how to adapt and navigate through change one.

If she lives in modern times, lao niang thinks she will be a CEO, and will appear on the Forbes List that kind.

Empress Fucha

If in modern times, Empress Fucha will probably be your typical daughter of a wealthy man.

Went to a prestigious all-girls school and graduate from a top local university that kind. Basically an elite, you know de lah. Since young kena pressurized by the parents to learn ballet, piano, all the wu-eh-bo-eh and was told to behave like a gentle and dignified lady – if not will throw the family’s face.

She’s good at keeping books, so most likely upon graduation, lao niang think she will also work as an Accountant in one of those big corporations.

Even though her credentials are also really not bad one and she is also a high performer at work who helped her company cut back on a lot of unnecessary expenses, naysayers and tongue wagers will still say she cOnFiRm pArAcHuTe oNe beCaUsE fAmiLy BaCkiNg – sibei tough life sia.

Concubine Shun aka Shun Pin

Newbie in the imperial harem.

You can think of her as a fresh graduate, a young PME with no working experience who just enter the workforce, and don’t know how to make friends with her other colleagues. In the end, her mental wellbeing also tio compromised. Maybe that’s why she went kisiao and was out of the game very quickly.

But cannot really blame her also lah. As a young person who ventures into the working world, not everyone is so lucky to find someone who can give you tips, tell you what to expect, and teach you the know-how one mah.

If she is in the present times, lao niang will highly recommend her to go and check out the LIT DISCOvery sia.

At least it’s a good platform for a young-and-just-enter-workforce PME to learn about the career hacks lah, how to deal with mental health lah, and still got other networking opportunities to make friends.

Then maybe she won’t feel so alone and won’t feel so helpless liao.

Aren’t you glad you are living in modern times???

Consort Xian aka Xian Fei Niang Niang

If this Xian Fei Niang Niang lives in modern times, lao niang thinks she can definitely be a hitman sia.

Remember the seven lights she lights up in her secret hideout? In case you didn’t know, these seven lights represent the seven people she wants to take revenge on and get rid of.

So hor each time she gets rid of one person, she will put out one light.

Look at this:

The success rate is sibei high!!! Sibei impressive?

Means hor, as long as she takes in your “order” she probably won’t disappoint you one!

Consort Chun aka Chun Fei Niang Niang

Another smartie pants lah. An all-rounder and very talented too, this woman.

Not sure if you recall, in one of the episodes this Chun Fei Niang Niang was using the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help Empress Fu Cha to regulate her body.

That means hor she is probably proficient in medical science.

So, if she lives in present times, lao niang thinks she can either be a TCM sinseh or doctor!

Imperial Consort Gao aka Gao Gui Fei

The most arrogant person in this TV series sia.

But don’t see she so guai lan (difficult to deal with) and every day scold people in the show, she is very talented one ok! She is a singer, and she sings the Peking Opera hor, don’t play play.

Seeing how she always dresses up so flamboyantly in the drama and her make-up, if she were to be in modern times, she will most probably become a K-pop idol. And must stand in the C位 (center) if she were to debut in a girl-group that kind.

You see you see, the 咬唇妆 (bitten-lips look):

Sibei on point leh!

Black Pink who? It’s G.G.F (Gao Gui Fei) in your area!

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