A few things that we all should learn from Wei Yingluo of the Yanxi Palace

Recently lao niang sibei sian at home, because of COVID-19 want to go JB massage also cannot. So, lao niang decided to rewatch Yanxi Palace again. Ya sia, all 70 episodes! #shag

You know there is this saying that goes, if you don’t have a lot of knowledge, then watch more TV? Lao niang think this is quite accurate leh, because hor rewatching Yanxi Palace again has indeed given me some enlightenment! Watch dramas also can learn new things one hor.

By the way, below are the few things which lao niang picked out from the drama which we all should learn from Wei Yingluo, and can be applicable to our workplace and lives one.

It’s ok to start from the bottom

You see ah, this Wei Yingluo started out from the bottom when she first entered the palace. She was a “seamstress” in the make clothes department.

She was very hard working but also very talented and you can call her the star performer in the department.

As such, a lot of her fellow colleagues sibei unbalance and see her buay song because she is like the boss’s pet. They tried to sabotage her many many times, but to no avail.

She also never because suffer a bit of politics then she want to throw letter. Instead, she worked even harder and do a lot of OT to finish the tasks given to her until the CEO (aka the Emperor) and the Lao Ban Niang (aka the empress) see her very up and transfer her to become the Lao Ban Niang’s personal assistant.

Know your aim, be goal-oriented

Does anyone remember why Wei Yingluo entered the palace ah?

Is because she wants to seek the truth behind her sister’s death and then revenge for her!

Even though she very busy with work and also busy trying to fend off people who want to sabotage her at the sideline, she never got distracted or forgot about her mission – her multitasking skill is top-notch.

In the end, she not only got her revenge but she also even made the person chao tah sia:

Don’t play play.

Be adaptable, be multi-skilled, don’t be afraid to learn

If you think about it, actually Wei Yingluo’s resume confirm is jin impressive one. Don’t even need to go to e2i to meet simi career coach to help her zhng her resume.

She worked in the make clothes department before, worked as Empress’s personal assistant before, she also worked in the XinZheKu (辛者库) department before.

Don’t know what is this XinZheKu called in Engrish lah, but basically is like the sai gang department where she has to do all the sai gang – literally sai gang because she had to scrub the wooden toilet bowls there.

She also picked up some landscaping skills when she was working in XinZheKu.

That’s not all sia. After that she also kena transferred to Yuan Ming Yuan (圆明园) – think like the Emperor’s summer holiday resort – to take care of the place. Facility Management leh!

If last time got such thing as Progressive Wage Model (PWM), Wei Yingluo’s wage confirm climb very high one sia, since she is so willing to upskill herself, so multi-skilled and can do all sort of things.

Come to think of it, if the palace is a company, this Wei Yingluo is really like the best employee – confirm a lot of companies will headhunt for her one. If lao niang is towkay I also want to hire her.

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