26-year-old Container Prime Mover Driver: All work has value, all work takes skill!

26-year-old Container Prime Mover Driver: All work has value, all work takes skill!

Yesterday Limpeh talk to this friend, talk until damn hot!

KPKB few months tell me no job, no money. Gahmen created soooo many jobs in the last few months, be open abit, don’t be so fussy la??

Please la, Singapore you willing to work won’t die one.

I tell him my friend got lobang be Bus Captain he gave me the finger emoji. You know which finger?? Bus Captain starting pay gao gao, bonus gao gao. Dong first also good, wait for Gahmen give you $600 every month meh. Speak of that, issit this week got money take huh? Anyway, Limpeh never study also know, God help those who help themselves leh!

“Please la, Bus Captain must 抛头露面 (expose head and face ), long hours, shift work, cannot be late, whole day running on tight schedule…” Aiya shuddup la, just don’t tell Limpeh no job, no money OK?

What economy liao. You see the air stewardess also go supermarket pack stock, you shy cannot 抛头露面?

You tell me he deserve the finger or not??

Prease. Neh see yesterday newspaper, the Andy Wong? People graduated from British University, got honours degree leh.. Mai siao siao… Andy found a job on MyCareersFuture in April, and guess what his job now? A Container Prime Mover Driver with a 12-hour shift. You know 12 hours is how long or not. This guy steady!

Don’t say don’t have if you want to be picky leh.

Limpeh salute you, Andy Wong! 能屈能伸 (can curl, can straight), you confirm make it! Tiagong your mama not happy at first,  大学生son be container driver. But lai, tell your mama she should be very proud of a son like you!

Besides working 12-hour shifts as a prime mover driver, this guy is also a freelance writer. Anyone want to hire a writer? Lai. This boy Limpeh endorse!


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