Lao niang explain: The Sunday Times ESSENTIAL vs NON-ESSENTIAL Poll

Lao niang explain: The Sunday Times ESSENTIAL vs NON-ESSENTIAL Poll

Last Sunday, lao niang woke up from my beauty sleep to 3527632221 complaints on my Facebook feed, complaining about this ONE article on The Sunday Times, which revealed the results of a poll about what people think is considered an essential job during a pandemic.

Lao niang repeat again, during a pandemic, a PANDEMIC ok!

Pandemic means a health crisis is that spreading in a country or in the world like wildfire liao and there are people dying from it.

So, now you exercise your brain a bit. When people are dying, what or who do you need to save a person’s life?

All of you sibei triggered by this poll, that “Artist” is rank highest as non-essential, all of you who KPKB, cry father cry mother asking: Y U SAY ARTISTS NOT IMPORTANT?!

Please, take a chill pill and calm your tits, can?

The purpose of the poll is not to start a fight, to say who is essential and who is non-essential leh. The survey is asking people, which job people think is important to keep Singapore going during a pandemic or crisis, and how much more people are willing to pay for these essential services.

The purpose of the survey is also to show that these essential workers deserve a better life and better pay.

Essential workers meaning someone who is engaged in work that people think it’s necessary to meet the basic needs of human survival and well-being, such as food, health, safety and cleaning.

NON-ESSENTIAL is not equal to NOT IMPORTANT. Nobody say you not important leh, mai so sensy and so butt hurt lei.

Yes lah, you art, you like attention maybe, but this time the spotlight not yours. Don’t snatch ok?

And you please use your backside to think. Obviously during a pandemic, a job like an artist would obviously rank lower than jobs that have to do with our basic living like food and public transport, tio bo?

We also need cleaners and they are considered essential because a lot of Singaporeans too atas and high class to clear our own rubbish. The same goes for garbage collectors.

The poll is not saying Arts not important, but as compared to other professions, it is just ~not as essential~ in a COVID-19 world?

Yes, we need arts. But we don’t need it like we need air and water.

It’s like I love my handsome Korean Oppars too. They also arts. So shuai, like walking sculptures and I see liao my eyes shiok shiok, my heart pik-pok-pik-pok.

But during a pandemic, when I got nothing to eat, when people are dying, if they come in front of me, sing and dance, show me finger heart, and do sexy waves, I will pa hor yi si (slap give them die) also.

Because it is just not as important???

It’s funny why lao niang need to waste my energy explain this leh. Got so difficult to understand meh?

Then hor, why are you all so angry with Straits Times and Milieu ah? You all know how statistics and sampling work or not?

If you read this sibei long article here, Milieu basically did an online poll on their app with 1,000 Singapore adult population who are 16 year old and above and ask them, “Eh who you think is essential service to you during COVID-19 ah?”

Which means, these 1,000 people maybe include your ah gong, ah ma, lao peh, lao bu, and your ho peng you. You want to scold, you scold these people who do the survey lah? Why you scold Straits Times and Milieu leh? They only conduct the survey and published the results leh.

It’s like you receive your credit card bill, then you scold the postman for delivering the bill to you.

Aiyoh, don’t a bit a bit triggered leh. Again ah, lao niang repeat, nobody say artists are not important hor, unless is you ownself xiao insecure?

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